Will i ever be back to normal

  • so my now ex bf of two years two monthes broke up wit me. he threw it at me outta no where and said tat i was boring and 'unholy" yet he had been cuddleing me and telling me how much he loved just moments before. and hes the one who always wanted to be one if you know wat i mean...i mean how could someone do tat and then wonder why im not friends with him?! how do i move on from tat?

  • Hmm . . . I really don't know what to say to that, as far as telling you what's going on in the mind of your ex-boyfriend. All I can tell you is don't worry about it. Anyone who calls you boring and "unholy" and doesn't appreciate what you have to say and offer is not worth your time. I don't even know what he would mean by "unholy", but if someone called me "unholy", I wouldn't put up with them anymore. If anything else they had said or done before wasn't the last straw, THAT certainly would be. It sounds to me that he has some kind of internal issues that he needs to learn to deal with himself, and you shouldn't have to deal with them. If you really don't want to be friends with him, then don't be. It's your choice and your happiness. I wouldn't call him or contact him in any way for a pretty long while, and I would do everything I could to make sure he couldn't come to me. Eventually, he'll get the message and learn to deal with it. I would go about my usual daily activities and just focus on other things. Things will come together eventually, I'm sure. And perhaps you'll meet someone new.

  • ...I will admit that I've experienced similar feelings before. You will get over it. There is no greater healer than 'time'. Chances are you will never get the answers or 'closure' that you desire. Except for what ever answers you decide on your own. I will say that you will recover from this, but at the same time you will be changed from it...

    So, as far as 'back to normal' goes, it all depends on what you consider 'normal'.

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