Am back n' Married to a Sag (Oh my gawd what did I do)

  • @Arizona Sunday --- Thanx for dropping in 🙂 What you shared about Sags is funny and true! I'm perhaps a victim of something called 'Bad Timing and bad judgement' !! So can't really blame it all on him 😄 But yes, it feels terrible to know that I'm alone in all my troubles and emotional disturbances with a Sag 😞 Its true they're in it only for good times! Excitement and adventure can't last for life...

    @dancealot2009 -- Yeah you're right about Sags not liking clingy selfish people and thats one reason probably my sag married me for 🙂 I'm an independent non clingy female and don't need a man to tell me what to do all the time. And what amazes me to the core is the fact this is the only relationship that has my dark side creeping in slowly but steadily. Never before I felt so! Or maybe its because i am left to fend for myself during all my bad times that i feel i m turning into a selfish person! Whatever it is...i'm not liking it. Lets give it some more time...

    @PiscesParadox -- Cancer with a Sag moon. Interesting times lay ahead for you my dear ;))

  • Dancealot2009

    Please take it in the spirit intended..... Just for Fun!


    December 22nd – January 20th

    Strong, Methodical, Resilient, Dogmatic, Wet Blanket, Saves Excitement for Last If iT Fits Into Schedule, Experiences Midnight Money Cravings, Confining, Barely Registers a Pulse, A Real Life of the Party.

    Can you say, “Boring?” Get a life Capricorn! The rest of the world seems to be able to figure it out. Could it be your head’s stuck way too far up your high ideals to ever dream of stooping to the level of a good time?

    Plodding along methodically, Cappies remain ever focused on their goals, gradually and persistently reaching the top! Finding little air to breathe at such altitudes, they suffer the effects by refusing to come down where real life flourishes. Eventually, extreme loneliness calls their retreat.

    With much internal turmoil, they inch their way to the plain of lowlies so as to be lavishly praised for their elevated status. Thank you, oh great ones! Allowing us the pleasure of basking in your light is truely a rare honor to be treasured.

    Give me a break! Must you suck the life giving energy out of everyone you meet while traveling your journey of self approval? Hear this... NO ONE CARES!

    Trapping themselves in their own game of “Validate my Worth,” they continue to present a facade to a world that has more things to worry about than paying them homage. It’s a well known fact that Capricorn’s finally begin to “chill out” when they reach their 50’s. So what! The small number of friends they did have left them long ago.

    When it comes to companionship, rest assured, this creature of habit can do routine like no one else! Who needs spontaneity, with its dreaded element of surprise, when you can have someone who will be the same today, tomorrow, the next day and the next day and the next day and the next... must I say more? If you’re seeking excitement, warmth, charisma and a heart beat, run far and fast! That bus has left this station!

    Copyright © 2010

    Cindy McDonald

    Sending Libra tomorrow... I only had a small window tonight. : )

  • Dancealot2009

    Whoops! I accidentally sent my unedited version....fix my spelling...."Truly" : )

  • astrodame,

    Are sags really that bad? Never dated one. I wondered why you disappeared off the boards for so long for! What does a Cancer with a Sag moon mean? I'm lost! One of my besties is a Sag. She seems crazy to me! First sign of hard times and she's gone...

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  • ArizonaSunday,

    Love your horoscope on Sag:) Hilarious! I am a Sag, Leo Moon with Cancer Asc. I know the horoscope is meant to be a funny one. I must say, there are some truth in it....just a little lol. Sag don't like clingy people, we need our freedom. I am speaking for myself though. I love to travel. My partner must understand that or the relationship would not be an easy one. Other than that, I am pretty easy going. I am always around for my friends and family through good and bad times. Lol...I am even there for strangers, whoever that need help! I don't think Sag people will bail out on friends or family...not the Sags I know though. I definitely won't. I feel it is my responsibility to make the world a better place for everyone. I am also very forgiving when it comes to the people I care about. True...we tend to roar the loudest when we are mad but we don't bear grudges. We cool off pretty quickly. No time for all the pettiness. But do not make the same mistakes again and again and again.....Yes, we are very forgiving but we are no fools LOL. Don't keep on pushing, we might just move on and don't turn back.

    Well...that's all I've got to share about Sags for now......

    I am so sorry that some of you have been hurt by Sags though:(

    Sending all of you my love and hugs!

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Emergence there is a difference in the male and the female Sag. Let's face it the goals are different. All the women I know are hard working and goal oriented. The males not so much.

  • The guys are the Peter Pan's remember I don't want to grow up? The women I know more grounded that Peter Pan. They worry a lot more about security.

  • Hi Libralair,

    Yeah...I know the difference between male and female signs. Funny is...I dated a Sag for 2 years...dang we shared the same birthday!! (different year though). We had so much in common that we clashed all the time. We were both very hard working and we both love our freedom lol (pretty easy huh?)...Oh well..maybe I was just lucky 🙂 As for not growing up part...I believe you are right...this Sag was 5 years older than me...only in numbers (age) though .... 😛

  • I am a Sag female with an Aries Moon and Capricorn rising. The only Sag male I was ever seriously involved with was the biggest liar and loser known to man. I couldn't believe a Sag would lie like that, especially given my penchant for deadly, tactless honesty. From my experience, the Sag male and female are two different animals. .

  • @PiscesParadox -- I wouldn't wanna judge a person merely by their sign but yes, it helps if you have their natal info handy sometimes 😉 A Sag male is like an untamed anti domestic person looking for adrenaline rush even in their relationships! Life's interesting and full of surprises w/ Sags but if you're a sensible sensitive person looking for reliability and may feel let down bigg time! They like successful independent and 'non-claiming' women and don't hesitate to start a relationship when they fine one. Life's never planned and details are overlooked to a frustrating extent. Sags are the 'up and go' kinds who don't wait around much for others. Often living their life in fast lane, they forget there is a sensitive side ro life and people as well. Blunt to a fault...they'd go on breaking your heart if you dont check them in time. Generous with family and friends, expect surprises and gifts when they're pleased with you and shocks when they're not! Sags don't like liars but could lie to others if required! High on freedom and excitement, its tough to keep up w/ their pace if you're a slow mover like taurus, cancer or a pisces. They don't like suffering and so run the fastest to hills, at the first sign of struggle in a relationship. Do not nag and show them your mettle if you're still interested... All said and done, life's NEVER dull w/ a Sag male :))

  • PiscesParadox, here's what I found about Cancer males w/ Sag moon on one of the websites :

    The Cancer Sun/Sagittarius Moon combination produces a blended personality consisting of of contradictory elements...the Cancer desire for caution, tenacity and security, for example, coupled with the more outgoing Sagittarius tendency to be outgoing and independent. Cancer natives governed by a Sagittarius Moon do tend to be more sociable and progressive in demeanor than others ruled by the Sign of the Crab, making its subjects better able to relate to generalities and ideas on a more real and practical basis. Cancer persons who fall under the jurisdiction of a Sagittarius Moon can inspire confidence in those around them and in their relationships with others, absolute honesty will be demanded. Indeed, when these Cancer persons detect falsity and insincerity in dealings, the sensitive and defensive side of the nature will quickly appear. Petty jealousies and trite behavior will repel these individuals and they tend to live, more or less, by their own personal set of rules...often attempting to "live up to" some ideal or idol they have set up as a goal or inspiration. Cancer Sun/Sagittarius Moon subjects are innate philosophers in the way they look at life and in their consideration of those around them. In many ways, they are true "free spirits." While Cancer natives governed by a Sagittarius Moon are extremely polite and tactful, they appear to have no difficulty in being firm and definite. Communication is frank, open and nobody will ever have to wonder where these Cancer persons stand on any issue. With the Cancer Sun/Sagittarius Moon combination, weakness or timidity is rarely a problem.

  • Astrodame,

    Thank you so much! It sounds like him.... yet it doesn't. Tactful, firm and definite are not words I would associate with him! lol He has a lot of Cancer in his chart though. What made you decide on Your Sag and not your crab BTW?

  • Emergence,

    I almost feel guilty writing these horoscopes in case someone takes them the wrong way. I'm not worried about the Sadge's... you know how to laugh at life. It's the more sensitive signs that might get their feather's ruffled a bit. That's what I love about all Sadge's, you know how to be light and not get too heavy. All my best friends are Sadges and have been throughout my life. My moon is Sadge so I connect instantly with Sadge people. My Sun is Aquarius. Their word is good as gold! (with a little added embellishments : D) When they promise the world, they mean it!!! Yay Sadge! I'm happy you had a good laugh.

  • AstroDame,

    Hi,just wanted to pop in here and give you my two cents, and as you know, im a Sag male, and which you probably dont know that i am now with my Sag girlfriend of almost 3 months( will be 3 months on the 15th) we have known eachother for 3 years and were always just friends but i was always interested but i never ever said anything, and after me and the Libra girl went sour, sag girl got jealous and soon after we were dating lol, funny how things work out and i didnt see how much we had in common my god lol,

    WELL ANYWAYS astrodame, i wanted to tell you that my older brother is also a Sag, and his Ex is a pisces, they were together for 4 years and my brother wanted to get married even though he was scared to death about it, but the pieces girl was never a big fan of marriage(seems like everyone that had their parents divorce dont want to get married, same goes for my GF, not that i asked or anything im just saying lol) well my brother and were had a very toxic Relationship, they were happy sometime and it seemed like they argued more than anything, and it was always over the smallest thing, even got to the point where the pisces girl had punched my brother in the face, they just didnt understand eachother very well, she was a party girl and liked to go out and drink, and my brother doesnt drink and doesnt party like that, most of the time sags are supposed to be very out going and really off the wall, but it depends on what has happened to the person to change them to be different, so in that case me and my brother are alot alike in some cases and arent the party people that everyone thinks, but i dont got the problems my brother does which make him very angry quickly over things,

    im just saying that it didnt work out to good for them but doesnt mean that it wont for you, even thought your signs arent really compataible, was it always like this before you got married?

  • hi Astrodame

    sorry I almost forgot to pop in here LOL

    just need your DOB and his

    see if I can find anything interesting

    no need for place and time, it;s going to be just quick look

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