Am back n' Married to a Sag (Oh my gawd what did I do)

  • As the title of my topic suggests, I'm back my friends! And married to a Saggitarius for last 6 months of my life. I would be lying if I said it's a smooth sail I have here with my Archer but I'm willing to learn and I want to try to make it work with him! Don't know how though...tacts don't come in handy any more as this relationship has my dark side and otherwise dormant selfish traits creeping in pretty often and my Sag seems indifferent to my emotional needs! Do I need help...Christ!!!

    P.S.- Can't help thinking I should've married my ex Cancer (even after all those mind games he kept playing while we lasted).

  • I'm a pisces sun/ taurus moon/ gemini rising female

    and he's

    saggitarius sun/ aquarius moon/ aquarius rising

  • I remember you

    well I hope things work out between you and him

    if I remember correctly you know how to do charts too

    so I can't offer much help aside from wishing you and him well

  • astrodame.How nice to see you back , how are you doing ?

  • Hey Leoscorpion...glad you stopped by 🙂

    Yeah I can do the charts for others (sometimes) but when it comes to my own relationships, I like to have opinions from others too! Would you mind doing a collective chart reading for me? I have mentioned the signs for both me n my husband above. Wishing you n your husband a happy life by the way 🙂

  • Hey llindieloo... Gosh am so glad to fine you on here after all this time!! How've you been and what you been upto!

  • astrodame. I'm doing ok , My God and you've got married. I hope Leoscorpion can do your chart for you and put your worries at ease . No Man in my life at the moment Just trying to get on with things as best I can,.

  • Oops sorry for the typo....It was find* and not fine*

  • eoscorpion. Nice to see you again , How have you been ?.

  • Ok astrodame

    I'll see what I can get in general


    I'm Ok. just been on and off because work sometimes busy and sometimes not 🙂

  • My dear astrodame, I've never posted on here before but when I saw the topic, I couldn't pass it by. My last love was a Sadge who I adored until I found out he had made plans to move in with someone else. Hmmm.... I wonder when he was going to tell me? Then a bunch of other things came to light and I felt I had been completely in the dark for 5 years. I also have to admit that I love Sadge's.... I connect with them instantly! I'm Aquarius/Sun, Sadge/Moon, Cancer/Asc.

    Being a very sensitive water sign that you are, I can see where the difficulty would be in trying to connect on an emotional level. Sadge's are uncomfortable getting "emotionally deep" even though they're attracted to it and desire it but don't know what to do with it when they have it. Hence, unable to understand your need of such things. Fire and water don't mix easily.

    I write funny horoscopes and I'm in the process of publishing them. I will attach my Sadge horoscope here for your entertainment.


  • Well, it looks like it didn't attach for some reason. I copy and pasted it here. The format's all messed up but for your entertainment, only.


    November 22nd – December 21st

    Optimistic, Generous, Wander Luster, Idealistic, Masters of a “Good Time,” Emotionally Disconnected, Promises the World, Delivers a Twig, Aims High but Usually Hits the dog, Ambitious, Players who Live by the Motto, “Lie till you Die, even when Caught with Pants Down!

    Take a dagger and pierce your own heart immediately upon meeting a Sadge. You'll avoid the inevitable heartbreak they're sure to inflict when they turn and flee the moment you whisper those three little words, “commitment.” OK, one word.

    A Sadge has no time for such nonsense as displays of affection. They're searching for that perfect person and you're not it! They spend a lifetime sampling all the goodies, opportunities and experiences presented to them just to make sure they don't miss out on that perfect One. That would be a tragic day, indeed!

    Seeking spiritual union by feeding their ravenous, carnal hunger, they leave a trail of innocent victims behind, somehow, feeling a sense of entitlement.

    On the rare occasion one should hit that bumpy road of life, you'll never hear the end of all the injustices brought upon them. Really? Should we feel sorry for you, dear Sadge? No one's buying it! May we suggest giving up just one cold tear so as to allow a brief glimmer of human recognition?

    Being the eternal optimists, they make most people leery with their incessant cheerfulness and sunny dispositions. The world's their personal merry-go-round, complete with all its frivolity and self-gratifying pleasures.

    Born salespeople, overflowing with eloquence, they could sell a fur coat to King Kong. Sadges never really grow up, choosing rather to spread their contagious optimism, like a nasty little virus. This allows the delivery of burning sarcasm with a smug twinkle in their eyes. It's amazing they still have friends. Some of their lucky, but not-so-bright recipients, even express gratitude for pointing out their stupidity.

    You Archers really are the ultimate catch. So, if you love a Sadge... why? Don't ever say we didn't warn you!

    Copyright © 2010

    Cindy McDonald

  • Hi Astrodame,

    You may be right about you and the Cancer. I know of a couple, Pisces and Cancer, who just got married. They seem to be very compatible and are very happy; but like with any relationship, time will tell if it works.

    That being said, your Sag may be just what you need - you keep coming back to him, so there is a reason. Give it a chance. Remember that Sags are big on freedom and don't like clingy, selfish people. One great thing about them too is that they are positive people who bring happiness and laughter to a long as their energy is not dampened by people around them. So enjoy your Sag...have fun with him, and you will have fun in the process. Honesty goes a long way with them, so don't be afraid to tell him what you are thinking....just be nice about it. Good luck.

  • Oh my! My Cancer love has a Sag moon! Does this mean I have double trouble? ;^p

  • Hi Arizona Sunday,

    I would be interested in seeing your "funny horoscopes" for a Capricorn male, and a Libran female.

  • Dancealot2009,

    I will be happy to.....I'm running out the door right at the moment and have a long day today but I later.


  • Astrodame. Sandran712 said to say hello, unfortunately she has been banned from . Got herself into trouble on a few of the threads with her comments LOL. She met Thunder07 on the forums about 3 months ago, they chat to each other constantly via telephone , Its long distance, so not when they will be able to meet in person.

  • Sandran712 got banned? 😞

  • Unfortunately , Yes and I miss her terribly as do others , Its just not fair .

  • @leoscorpion -- That's help yes. Thanx 🙂

    @llindieloo -- Sandran712 got banned?? Christ !!! I'm gonna miss her witty remarks and sound insight! Diplomacy wasn't her best trait I guess...and too much of honesty got her into trouble perhaps? do say hello to her from me anyway :)) And you w/o a man right now...its better to be alone than to be with a wrong person llindieloo...all of know that by now....dont we ;))

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