I wonder ...

  • .. whether the causes of aging is not due to the physical body growing older but instead because we don't out down our burdens of fear and our problems? Yesterday while out walking, I finally realized something that has been holding me back for many years and through that realization, i let it go, and felt like I shed at least a decade or more of age. Even my body responded - my muscles and bones that usually protest and creek as I climb the stairs to home, actually felt like they were when in my twenties and effortlessly carried me up. My whole body in fact felt like a younger version of itself.

  • I think you may have something here Captain! Being someone who holds on to the past like a rottweiler, I find if I'm able to let something go after years of flogging it, I feel less achy. My legs are my biggest problem (knees) and lower back, and I'm starting to notice that if I am able to let go of something from the past, I feel better. In fact lately, the past has been rearing its head a lot and I'm wondering if this is because it needs healing and letting go rather than me clutching on to it, if you know what I mean.

    So yeah, like you, I wonder ...

  • @moon50 If we can bottle this idea, Moonie, we'll make a fortune, ha!

  • Ah yes ... feel all that money rolling in lol! Not to mention feeling 16 again hahahahaha

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