Pregnant ???????????????~~~CAPTAIN AND OR TWINSOUL~~~~~~~`

  • Do you see a pregnancy with me right now . swollen abdomen unusually light & short period . PLEASE YOUR FEEDBACK

  • Have you tried a pregnancy test?

  • no i havent because i cant really afford to buy one And as my fiance will say waste money we dont have .. Um i mean its really not apart of my budget ... my period was one thing that had me worried being as though it was different in terms of color , (brown., light and short ) and for the past fews days ive been cramping on and off nothing serious i just noticed so i was wondering if im having a ovarie problem or am i pregnant . if you say you see it ill run out and ill buy a preggoes test tonight to calm my nerves and kill this anxiety of wondering

  • ugh now that im thinking about it , if you would have picked that up from me you would have said so ...

  • Oh my god im so tired .. i can go & buy one if i need to ,,only if its necessary , you know what i mean ,,

  • I think you need to see your doctor to sort out about your period or possible ovary problem..

  • Um do you see any pregnancy I don't have insurance soo

  • VirgoLadii, I'm sorry if this offends you, but you are on the wrong forum. You need medical advice not a psychic. I had similar symptoms about 12 weeks into a pregnancy and it was a miscarriage. You are driving yourself nuts over something you can answer for the price of a pregnancy test? My God I'd send you the money myself if I could. Go take care of yourself please and regain some peace of mind. If you live in the U.S. why aren't you on Medicaid? Otherwise, there may be a clinic somewhere you could go to. Investigate your options. Waiting around to see if it gets worse, when all of your instincts seem to be telling you something is wrong, makes no sense. Your fiance is too cheap to care about your health? As soon as you settle the pregnancy issue, your next step ought to be to dump him.

  • sorry but i agree with jenever plus you really need to still yourself a bit get calm relax

  • Okay I appreciate your concern . My fiance doesn't think I'm pregnant so I that is why he didn't want to purchase one , I am not poor therefore I won't qualify for medicaid and secondly I did go and purchase a preggos test FYI.,, I didn't want to waste money on one if I didn't need to , I have a intuitive friend who contaacted me this early afternoon because she was concerned with my healt , she said she saw swelling of my stomach and that either I was having issues with my ovarys but couldn't specify or I was preggoes I've never had issues with my ovarys but anything is possible and of coarse its possible for conception . He's. Wondeful actually thanks anyway ! My mistake for phrasing my senence wrong ! LMAO . PSYCHICs AVAILABLE WHY NOT UTILIZE THERE ABILITIES BEFORE I SPEND A MY MONEY .. SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS . I HAVE A 15 th old btw and recently lost my. insurance , thanks but no thankss for your input. sorry for the your losss . Blessings

  • There are some things no psychic can help you with - you have to deal with them yourself and this is the case here. There is more than just a question of physical health here - you must also ask yourself for the deeper reasons you did not use any protection.

  • Protection that is not the reason I was concerned ?? !!! Clearly everyone here has misunderstood me here . I asked a question . Did I I say oh my I hope I'm not pregnant ...NO .Id love to have another when it HAPPENS. Therefore don't jump to conclusions ,,! I would rather be pregnant than be having issues with my ovarys . Back to the whole protection thing..I'm engaged have a family already so I owe no1 an explanation as to why I'm not using protection,, unbelievable . Thx 4 a headache . I'm done here .

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  • All,

    You are 100% correct. This is not the place to seek medical advice. Please consult a doctor rather than asking for medical predictions. Thanks to the forum community for being responsible and wise by refraining from offering these types of predictions.


    Forum Admin

  • Admin. Please delete my account thank you .

  • Thanks Admin for your support. There is surely a forum out there for every type of physical ailment known to man with links to valuable information and resources. It's unfair for anyone to burden the readers on this forum with such serious matters as one's health. Kudo's to the Captain for offering the kind of honest and sensible advice that we have come rely on from her.

  • I just want people to realise they don't need psychic advice for everything. They need to know when they can help themselves or when other types of experts are needed in their particular case. Best case scenario is for everyone to be their own psychic, but until then we are here to help with the types of solutions that are not so obvious to the person.

  • And VirgoLadii - if you're still there - my concern for you was because you have previously expressed doubt on this forum over your relationship with your fiance so I had to ask why you would risk getting pregnant to him.

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