hi TheCaptain do you still do I ching readings? I would love one if you do, thanks

  • Sure, do you have a question?

  • @thecaptain Im so sorry for the so late response, cell was attacked, forgot bout the password, luckily I remembered it today.
    I dunno how to ask for this type of reading. But my question is about my health/vitality, it's been a year since I almost died, and I'm off the meds ( doc say I don't need it)but still in pain due muscle collapse (mainly legs and neck),plus in constant fear of doing the same thing. But something is weird, I start to feel better right? then bang... something crashes, now it's allergies, my bowels. if it's not the pain I so we'll know, another one comes. Its driving me insane. For exp Im on vacation feeling better, I started working out today a small run in the elliptical (3mts) my heart needs to be exercised and yoga, now my upper back it's hurting like hell, I'm rotten, lol. If you can please clarify what's going on or what I'm totally doing wrong, or what the universe wants me to know. Sorry again

  • Mariapisces, here is the I Ching answer to your health question -

    Present: Hexagram 18, Corruption

    Key Questions
    What is behind this trouble?
    What is the hidden cause?

    'Corruption. Creating success from the source.
    Fruitful to cross the great river.
    Before the seed day, three days. After the seed day, three days.'

    In ancient China, ancestors angered by neglect would send sickness and misfortune. This is corruption: something dark, lurking under the surface of life and manifesting as patterns of negative experience. We don't have to believe in angry ancestors to be haunted by corruption, whether we inherit its darkness from our past, our culture, or through our parents. When you receive Hexagram 18, it is time to examine those old, old patterns at last, to seek out their source and give it due honour and attention. Something on your past is affecting your thinking about yourself now in a negative way. Was sickness or accidents a way for you to get attention when you were a child, for example or were you around many sick or injured people at a young age that impressed on you negative thinking patterns? Do you believe you deserve to be well, since every time you are recovering, something happens to reverse it? When you understand where your experience comes from, you can restore the creative flow and make a genuinely new beginning. But you will need to commit yourself to the journey and take the risk of crossing the 'great river' into unknown territory. And you will need to pay careful attention to the process. Before 'seed day', which marks the beginning of a new cycle of time, you'll need to identify the source of the 'corruption' of your thinking and prepare for change. Afterwards, you need to pay attention to the needs of the new growth. Each of these phases has only a modest duration; you're invited to attend and examine, but not to dwell on this change for a lifetime.

    Future - Advice
    Hexagram 52, Stilling

    Key Questions
    What if there were nothing you had to do now?
    What if there were nowhere else you had to be?
    Where is your inner point of balance?

    'Stilling your back,
    Not grasping your self.
    Moving in your rooms,
    Not seeing your people.
    Not a mistake.'

    To still yourself is to come to rest in your own right place. It's not the opposite of motion, but of being pushed into motion by outside influences. Whether you move or stop is determined inwardly, by your sense of the nature of the time. Attaining this kind of stillness means firmly, even stubbornly, resisting the forces that would disrupt your equilibrium. Hold yourself still, as if in meditation. Don't seek to 'grasp your self ' by hunting down your every thought; you can no more make them stop by force of will than you can make your back still by holding it with your hands. Instead of twisting and spinning in circles trying to grasp your self, keep still. In the same way, you can move freely in your environment (or the chambers of your mind, which can be just as crowded) and simply not see the other people there, because you hold yourself still and do not resonate with them. Even if you feel as if you 'ought' to be constantly sensitive to their presence and needs, in a time of Stilling, it is no mistake to exclude all these things, and be quiet within yourself.

  • @thecaptain You popped the right questions, yes, all my life I was surrounded by sick people, at 5 my dearest granma had a stroke next to me, I was the only one that could help her, then she died from a 2nd stroke when I was 9, I helped her in those 5 years. My dad died from blood clots that's what I had, my mom recently had cancer, my pets became severely ill and I'm taking care if my mother in law since her husband died last year, I do not wish to focus on it, but this last year was terrible for us. They depend on me and I'm depending on my husband which drives me mad, I hate to ask for help for stupid things like driving. I'm constantly under stress mainly at work. I do meditate and I do Reiki healing. The only thing missing is the exercise which I so need.
    Yeah I need to let go of the past, what is gone is gone.
    Thank you so much

  • @mariapisces you must realize that, even though you have been surrounded by illness all your life, it is not inevitable that you should fall ill too. It is not an inherited trait or fate.

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