Birthday soon-guidance please

  • I have birthday in a few days. Could I ask psychics for guidance, please?

    Hello moon sister....and bull. What a year huh? Actually, make that 2 uphill years. I know you so want to hear something good.. I see a lot of change coming at you for awhile now. And we know how much we bulls love change....; ). Actually, when a situation has exhausted me to a worn out fluff...I so look forward to CHANGE...big change. I see were you have had bold ideas the last 6 months that surprise you. You have urges you thought you'd never do. It's like you could just pack a very small bag....leave your phone on the table and walk out the door, put the car in gear and ride where? You don't know but suddenly you do not feel afraid of the unknown you actually feel the excitement of POSSIBILITY. You are going through a phase of really taking responsibility for your choices. You do have a choice. Letting go of responsibility that never belonged to you is the lesson. Bulls are queen nurturers and will protect who and what they love with great energy and stubbornness. This is a phase for looking in the mirror and saying "I can't fix everything". This a time for releasing guilt. You must let others live out the consequences of THEIR choices. You deserve to truly be in the driver's seat of your life and not riding anyone's crazy train....which goes against all your good sense. You deserve to reap the rewards of your own good choices. Hang in there Moon Goddess and by the end of the year the dust WILL settle from all this upheaval and the CHANGE IN YOU will feel at home. You really are VERY guided right now but you do have to work at keeping yourself in a grounded place to take advantage of it. Spirit advises strongly to get yourself to the next leap you really must be all about YOU.....make a list of at least 7 things you need to be yourself. And then visualize how to get that in your life. Have dates with yourself.A day of adventure. You need magic in your life. Positive people. Your Spiritual side is growing. You have been shaking off a lot of earth influences that plagued you as a child. Despite all the emotions and changes including the folks and situations that have been pressing your buttons is all good. Stay close to Saint Michael and Spirit says prayer is important now. Heartfelt prayers for guidance. It's there for you. BLESSINGS!!!

  • Thank you Blmoon 🙂 and happy birthday to you too.:) i remember that when you first responded to my request (it was in 2010) i misread your username- 'Bloom' which from then on has been a nice association with you:)...just wanted to share. Yes, you're right i think i needed to hear something good, a confirmation that i follow the right path, that there is still something to wait for. This is a very uplifting message Blmoon. You know, despite the total acceptance (i think) of how things are i sometimes cannot get rid of this sadness. It is there and it won't go...don't know, maybe it's just part of my disposition and i should not fight moments like these it's priceless to know that it's all good and that life has still something to offer... I'm going to think about the things i need to be myself- i'd say first and foremost feeling secure-in every sense of the word, positivity and yes, magic... all the rest is less significant. i've prayed to Saint Micheal lately and i want his presence in my life... once again, thanks for your response and all the wise words you have for us. They mean a lot to me...

  • @moonalisa
    Trust your intuition. Sadness is not all bad. Only when you are stuck there. There is always a bit of a sadness when change is in process. It is cleansing to grieve a bit when healing. It does not always signal something's wrong. You are shedding your old self and also recognizing and acknowledging the pain that you've passed through. Tuning into your body mind and spirit is a leap into awareness but it can be startling at first because you suddenly must FEEL at a more sensitive level but this new connection with yourself will serve you in a very empowering way. It will give you boundaries and a better sense of being safe. You will be stronger about stopping situations before they bite you in the S. You have survived a bit numb and a strong soldier. That will change. Be kind to yourself. Let the emotions flow when they come ...then release them. It is about choice. You can be true to your feelings yet still make the right doesn't need to be all or nothing. Stay out of regret and avoid negative thoughts.....when they pop into your head....hear them out then say out loud "thank you for sharing go away!" First time I did that I laughed out loud! It is empowering to give a voice to your unwanted thoughts knowing you can choose to not listen and choose happy thoughts. BLESSINGS!

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