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  • Why am i seeing posts from 10 years ago and nothing recent when i go into the tarot section. I just am not getting the hang of the new forum. It seems like there is nothing recent.? Is there like video tutorial??? Sorry, don't mean to harp but i really want to hang out in this forum and contribute but i cant seem to grasp it.

  • Hi peacemaker:), on the right you have option 'sort by', click on it and choose 'newest to oldest' and you'll see the most recent posts.
    Above, next to 'readings' option there's option 'recent'- you can also choose this one. Have a nice day.:)

  • @peacemaker Yep! Thank you @moonalisa for your help. We know that there are a lot of ways to personalize the forums and that it might be a little confusing at first... but we hope that they'll be easy to navigate once you find your favorite settings!.

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