• Is my husband cheating or want to cheat?

  • One need more information before any can say that. sorry

  • he always seems like he is needing more. It is not that he is ever off alot it is this damn computer . He goes into chat rooms . when I ask him about them he says I just want to see what's in them. If I am on the computer he is always asking what am I doing. is it just play or is he searching.

  • I think you need to ask urself why is he suspicious. I feel you started the chat room visits and he saw it and wanted to see whats the deal. Maybe thats it?

    At times we start it ourselves without realizing, which is why COM MU NI CA TION is important. So think when it started and how it started. You may also think of if you began the chat room visits why and what you was looking for. Not saying you are at fault at all, but its to begin a conversation to cleanse the mistrust you suddenly have.

    At times unbeknownst we ourselves project our fears to our partner and get scary ideas n thought. BEST THING TO DO is VOICE IT! say it out loud. You asking here tells me you wish to be without this fear of your husband finding another. Again you need to voice it, UNLESS unless you are the one unbeknownst sunconsciously is pushing him to find some one new?

    To solves this you need to grab the bull by its horn and speak out your fears. Only through communication can you get assurrance. Any of us here can say yes he is finding a new one or no he is not finding a new one, because basically no matter what we say you wont take it for face value unless it came from your husbands mouth. So as scary as it might be to voice it, you must because this fear you already have is eating you up inside and out.'

    Good luck.

  • I have a question for you my fiancee have been together for two years and we are expecting our first child. However he has been without a job for about 4 months and he's getting really frustrated to the point his anger gets the best of him when it comes to me. We are on somewhat of a break and I really don't know if we should be together anymore. Do you have any insight?

  • When mens jobs is at hell so to say everything is at hell. Men are simple. Mens idendity lies in the job they do, and when no job, no income n by it no grounds to take care of an pending family. His fears are legit. best you can do is they you understand and allow him space and time to figure it out. pressuring him wont be helpful. Whenever you feel you must hafta, STOP and place urself in his shoes.

    Another men are cerebral, meaning they think issues through and wont voice it unless they have come to a solution. So nagging and pressureing him to talk about it, will only anger him and make him withdraw more, plus it will take him the longer. The anger is in the situation. He feels like a gigant loser. first he lost his job, men alone see this as a failed task, then not being able to get a new one, another failure, then the again pending father hood. Men are ahm how do one say kinda caveman like in this. Old fashioned, men make the money to provide home food etc for his woman and children. yes we live in modern times BUT that has NOT changed. at least not when it comes to men.

    You need to keep this in mind, what works for you solution cracking wise doesnt work for your man, never has never will.

    So again just say i understand and im here for you whever you need it. Then let him go and do what he as man best do.

    Just know men are simple, its us women who are the complicated one, oh ah and men arealso the weaker sex. so give him time, dont force the issue as he forces it more than anyone else possibly can right now. As lame as it sounds you may wanna ahm stroke his ego. In sense how strong he is in the eye of adversity, how well he copes opposed to some women you heard of. that kind of stuff. ye ye i know lame lines but in times like these its the kind men need n like to hear. Boost confidense and ego a tad.

    Hope this helps. Good luck

  • thanks what u say is right on the money. I will take ur advise. Peace to U Regards Mare

  • you´re welcome

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