Can i benefit from coloring?

  • May i ask for you advice please. I have decided to start colouring the coloring books. Sometimes i feel even happy when i do this, but in general i always think that i can't color well, that there are a lot of people who do this wonderfully, and i sometimes even don't know how to colour the picture. I don't like this fact - that my mind is so negative. Just don't want to cause myself more stress with such thoughts. Do you feel that this activity can be nevertheless good for me?

  • Coloring is a form of releasing your negative energy. You should be able to relax and enjoy. You are coloring for you! So don;t over think it and just do it!! I am not sure if you were asking anyone in particular or just putting the question out there. If that's the case, then try it, if you don't like how it makes you feel stop and try something else.

  • Thank you peacemaker! I always overthink everything (

  • @marishkaa there is no right or wrong way to do this - only your way! No one will judge you on your competence or cleverness if you colour outside the lines or use the 'wrong crayons. It is not a test. It is supposed to be for fun and to let your creativity and imagination flow. If you want to use the same colour over and over or make a glorious mess, it doesn't matter. Put your inner critic away and just feel happy doing it!

  • @thecaptain thank you!

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  • I know this thread is old, but I saw it and wanted to say I color as well and it helps me a lot. Somedays I color for hours other not so much. But it gets me thinking about good things and helps to calm the stress at that moment. And I agree with the previous answers there is no right or wrong way to color you want to make it call one color then you go right ahead because its your feelings and interpretation that's in that picture at that moment. Not anyone else's. So in a phrase "you color your world the you feel!!" Its going to be beautiful just because your in it. 🙂

  • @aries-in-texas thank you for your reply. It is strange but coloring sometimes makes me concentrate on my worries. I am coloring and reflecting on my problems.

  • As long as that's what you want and if it helps you then color away. I just did a few myself. Also i found a new type of coloring or painting lol its called diamond art painting. Its a lot of fun and I enjoy it . you should look it up. Bet you'd like it too

  • thank you, Aries in Texas, i will google it!

  • @marishkaa
    Your very welcome. I think there's one that is doing a promo not sure but should pull up when you do Google it. Let me know what you think. 🙂

  • @marishkaa I just got number 2 and 3 of the diamond art. I'm on love with the print of Starry Night and The River is the third . was just wondering if you were able to look. Anyway have a great holiday weekend !!

  • @aries-in-texas what do you normally like to color? I have wanted to get into a new hobby. I normally sew and fix garments. But I wanted to color. Do you use those adult coloring books?

  • @tuliplilly hey! Yes i do use the adult coloring books and penciles. I like all kinds of pictures, I have everything from fairies to landscape. I usually get mine from a hobby store got some from Walmart but they dont seem to have the variety they used to. I think I have close to 200 books lol and have been known to tear pages out and send to people for no reason or I've sent a book or two. I've recently gotten into diamond art its alot like color by number but with stones. Its fun and its time consuming but relaxing. I still color often as well. I'd post pics of my work but don't know of allowed or how lol. Let me know if you have any other questions I'd be more than happy to answer and chat with ya!!! 🙂

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