I hurt my Cancer Man...I think.

  • Im a virgo. My cancer I used to love contacted me after three months. He told me he still loved me and we talked for a few days. Now that I have let my guard down and he wants nothing to do with me. We have a history and he pulled me out of an abusive relationship. I know cancers need space and that they can be addicted to work. He used to text me all the time on the road but he became distant again. For the first time in knowing him I went off on him. He didn't take it well and I'm afraid it's forever over. Why did he contact me again? I don't know why he is trying to hurt me again after I told him he had broken my heart. I was trying to heal. When I was almost over him is when he contacted me. I love him and I hate how I phrased what I felt but I felt he didn't care. Will he contact me again? I apologized.

  • Ps. I don't think what I said was wrong but I can't help but think he was trying to let me go again. So confused.

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