Advice for relocating and moving forward

  • Hello. So, my sister and I, who are roommates, have been talking for the last few years of moving to a different state in a part of the US we've never been (we're Southwest kids). We narrowed it down to the Houston area or New Hampshire (close family live in both places), but wound up deciding on TX because it offers more opportunities for school and careers for both of us, as well as more experiences that we've been wanting (social, food, entertainment, travel, etc). It was a hard decision to make, because there is a lot of emotional pull to NH (our brother lives there and is going through a divorce, so we had considered going there to live with and support him), but it didn't feel like a place that would give us the growth we want.

    This move is a big change, and we're looking at it as an adventure, but our target date is coming up quickly (our current lease is up mid-June) and it feels like there's still so much that we need to do, that we may not be ready. Also, we're doing our best to get our resumes out there so we can move with jobs (she's a nurse, so she's more likely to land something before me, since I'm an admin assistant).

    I don't think I have a specific question about all of this, mostly whatever impressions or gleanings someone might pick up on this. I obviously would like to get some advice about if this will be a positive change, that the move will be successful (I know there will be some rough spots, but all growth has some pain), and that we are stepping in the right direction.

    I appreciate anyone's input, and to anyone who does put their energy to this, I thank you.

  • Follow your heart on this one. Sometimes, a well made plan on a logical level is just a safe idea but when it comes to your life path on a spiritual level it doesn't always give you the safest decision. Often, new directions and necessary change come with a brave gut feeling. A first intuition before you began analyzing it. Listen to those tugs and's your higher self talking. Keep that sense of adventure as it is more open to connecting to intuition. The hardest part of starting an adventure is not really having any guarantees. Either can be changed. I feel that pull to the north east does have much more to offer than you may be able to logically see at the moment. It may not be permanent but it could be very meaningful and timely! BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you for your advice. I'm a person that struggles to make decisions and choices without a lot of deliberation. Perhaps it's a fear of failure that holds me back.

    The main drive to move from where we are now to someplace else is that we both feel like we have stagnated in this small town we live in. There are things I really like about the area, and I have a lot of family here, but it feels like we've gotten all this place has to offer (socially, career, education, life experience).

    We did a lot of research, but what we figured is that it ultimately would come down to the "feel" of a place, so we made visits to each. I liked New Hampshire, and I can see myself being happy there, but it felt to me like a place that would fit better if I was a little more settled in my life. I can see myself moving there a little further down the road, at that point in my life.

    I appreciate your words about intuition, and trusting in it. Last October, after we had visited the Houston, Texas area, we had decided that that was the place we were going. Then my brother had his situation pop up and then New Hampshire became a possibility. But even after visiting both places and doing the research, TX felt right. We both feel the pull to there right now. I'll try to have a little more confidence in my choice. I just hope that this is a positive step in my life.

    Thank you.

  • I am also considering moving out state, from my ex husband. I'm looking into careers in Phoenix and I currently reside in Ohio. Although I am a transplant from STL Missouri. I only moved to Ohio to be with my husband at the time, we have since gotten divorced. I'm a little bit scared to strike out on my own. Away from him. Even though he doesn't really treat me that well.

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  • So, it seems that things may not work out as we had planned. My sister in particular is having difficulty with the job situation, as a newer RN she's trying to get hired in at a hospital so she can get the experience she needs to move forward in her career, but because of the experience she already has she's finding that she's in a weird state of too much and not enough experience. But because it is imperative she gets hired at a hospital (and neither of us has seemed to garnered much interest in our applications and resumes), we've reached the conclusion that we may have to expand the job hunt beyond the places we were looking at and instead try to find jobs and move to that place.

    My mom, who has some psychic gifts as well, has told us a couple of times that we haven't found the place we're moving to yet (as in it isn't one of the places we've been seriously looking at). We've started looking around at places, but it feels kind of like we're just going with the current. There are places that we are researching that we like, because they offer the things that we are moving for (different climate, good job and education prospects, more city areas that will give us more social options than where we are, good food and stuff to do). There are also places that we have ruled out for various factors. New Hampshire, while not completely off of the board, is still not really feasible because of school outings are very limited (it's still a possibility, but lower in the list). We will be moving before the summer is over either way, and I'm sure it will work out, but there isn't much time left. And we won't be able to travel to any new places before we move, so we may wind up moving someplace sight unseen.

    Can anyone give me some guidance? About what to look out for as far as where we are going, or what to expect with this venture and how things may play out for is?

    I appreciate it.

  • It feels to me like you are not moving forwards, but sideways, since you are looking for basically the same situation as in the past. I feel you need to be more flexible, maybe even consider seeking single accommodation or sharing a place in the same town with someone else. It feels to me like you are trying to squeeze two people into the same safe 'hole' when it might be necessary to find your own separate path.

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