Feeling Lost

  • Hey I recently just heard from my Cancer man after three months of silence.
    We both fell in love with each other at the time but went separate ways in our life for complicated reasons. It was his choice to stop talking to me and it broke my heart since he was the first person I ever loved. A week ago he started talking to me again and apologized for what he did telling me he had to disappear for a while to make some changes in his life but he never stopped loving. I understand crabs do this. Now he is being distant again and I don't want to repeat what happened but I have tried reaching out to him and either he says he is working or doesn't reply. What do I do? I want to move on if he is trying to do this again?

  • Hi VirgoHere,

    To be honest, I'd move on anyway. Get on with your life, and if this guy really wants you he'll come after you.

    I feel he does love you, but loves his own misery more. A strange thing to say I know, but Cancerians are known for focusing on the past too much, and letting Misery be their best friend. I should know, I'm one lol!

    Until he sorts through his misconceived sense of loss, and stops licking wounds that have almost healed, he'll keep fading in and out of your, or anyone else's, life. He's afraid of repeating past mistakes, but in being afraid, he's bringing that past pain back to his current life. A very bad mistake a lot of Crabs make!

    I'm going to suggest two things:

    1. If you love him, then by all means, keep that door open while you get on with your life. The road won't be easy, and you'll get frustrated now and then, as Virgo's do haha.

    2. Try not to expect anything much from him at the moment. He's a confused crab, and there's nothing worse to deal with than one of those! As I said above, he keeps dragging out old hurts, re-opening wounds that had closed over and that is ruling his life too much.

    None of this is anything to do with you. All I'm saying is to get on with your own life and let him sort out his self-created mess. Keep the door open to him so long as you are happy to do so.

    You'll know if this man is worth waiting for.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you. I just was confused what those wounds were. I don't think they have to do with me but it's just he just recently contacted me a week and a half ago and is repeating this nonsense after three months of silence. I want to keep the door open but I also I'm not sure why his past is being put on me if he loves me. We were best friends three years before this.

  • @moon50 That's great your a cancer too lol.

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