Help with career please

  • 07/23/1983 amy please could someone help i need help with my career! am i going to change career paths get a new job if so when and what ? i have a few interviews on monday and tuesday but im not sure what i should do. any info is greatly apprieciated. thankyou so much in advance

  • Namaste Amy. I am being guided to offer you the following message:

    You are aligning more with your life purpose through these changes. Allow your self some time to let the details come to you, more and more fully. Say, six to ten months. You are also being asked to not hold back and to literally Go For It! in your chosen field. As you follow your intuition you'll be manifesting your dreams into reality, and prospering from it.

    From what I feel, I'd like to encourage you to more clearly define what you want in terms of your career. You have great ideas and aspirations; do you feel they are aligned with who you truly are? Spending some time on this question greatly will benefit you!

    Hope this helps.



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