Being denied a tarot reading...?

  • Has anyone ever tried to do a tarot reading for themselves or have it done by someone else, and find that it doesn't work? Not because the person didn't know what they were doing, but because they had to figure things out for themselves or concentrate on other matters, or even already knew what they had to do?

    Just curious about other people's experiences....

  • LOl,, yes,,, But not so much in lines with tarot.The cards are something I enjoy playing with just to see if they match up with what I do know,,I enjoy playing with and challenging the synchronicity thing as much as I like to bring scientific testing in to check out other metaphysical and para-normals..

    That said I will admit that with my gifts from the light and love.I try to find a balance or sometimes I may even come across as point blank rude because I understand that one of the greatest things about life in this physical form is the gift of learning no matter how painful we may believe it be at the time.I have also learned through the years that there are times that one is not capable of accepting what the souls from the other side or even ones own soul wishes to share.Sometimes it is not the time..or sometimes one in the physical will want to access something that the souls will tell me NO, and if that happens I respect the souls..

    I just wrote a post to one wanting information from a psychic or medium about their guides.I very nicely passed along that the universe does not work that way,, One must connect with their own guides in order to accept and understand what is being shared.I rarely do love and relationships because I understand that they are a part of the journey and we have to work our way through to the understanding and learn from them.I believe that is ones personal journey which I may offer some guidance from the energies I pick up but for one to truly find what they seek they must experience it in all the options it takes for them to learn.I am also getting to the point I am less likely to tell someone about a soul that is around them,, many do not realize just because you never met this person they are in your soul group because they have had influence in ones life..This pertains more so to online sites,, Since when I am doing a reading for one I have someone who can quickly verify, yes I had a great grandfather named Bart.

    The ones who already know what they need to do , when I pick up that energy, I know they have accessed this in their own way and understand. I know they need reassured and that to me is different,,In that case I am offering positive affirmation, energy and support.I tend to offer that if needed.

    I know that in my world what I share at times is meant to be a guidance,, at other times it is meant to serve as a warning that others may heed, or change their ways etc.I am finding that I am starting to use the same methods in my readings that the souls use with me.Which is to take the knowledge I have and bring forth questions in a guidance form, that makes one think and find their own answers..

    One other thing I can say I do.I have every right to refuse to do a reading for someone who is just not getting it.If I am feeling like doing what my kids call cotton candy readings , say as a volunteer to raise money for a worthy cause I will. They are the goofy little ones I expect from younger souls.. But I choose not to do these in my everyday life.When I do long sessions it gets to be very draining for me,spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.People do not always understand that if I am doing a serious reading or channeling it takes so much energy to raise my vibrations so I can understand as clearly as possible.

    Anyhow I guess my answer is yes and I have explained some of my whys?



  • Thanks for your enilghtening answer, I completely agree with you. I have seen many posts on here from people who really need answers about what they should do, and which direction their life should take. I've been like that in the past when I've been going through hard and scary times. As much as I have wanted to know immediately what will happen, I have realised that it's all within me. The reassurance and guidance comes from my spirit and soul. In this day and age it's very easy to become swept up in life and your inner voice can become quieter but it's so important to nurture that. I guess that's also easier said than done because I've been trying to meditate for over a month properly but I keep putting it off 🙂

  • My cards get fussy! lol I love them. but they do, they get sick of me...I dont blame them I should listen to them and I dont. so sometime yes they will throw me a big ol load of confusing obviously random crap. : )

  • I have experienced this a few times Ineedtomeditate. Both what you and mytwistedworld said are true. Sometimes, it isn't because the tarot reader did them wrong, it is because we didn't want to accept the message. Or we already have the message within us so it goes right over our head. Or it is not our place to bestow that particular knowledge on a person, it is for themselves to find. Sometimes I will do a read for myself and look at a card and think, how does this tie in with the others or what does this mean? Most times it is with a negative too, go figure lol. And then maybe a day later, I will do something and realize, hey this is where this card comes in. Sometimes it hurts to be shown what actions we do that are negative and we don't want to look at them head on. Like if they are saying you are to sensitive to criticism and you think, "What does that have to do with me?" The next day, someone gives you some constructive criticism and you overreated. Next thing you know, a light switch turns on lol. When reading for others, I feel it is easier to get the message across. Guidance is being looked for so when it comes from another person sometimes it is easier to absorb. When we are doubting ourselves especially we look for validation from others, so when they say we can do it, we tend to believe it. We don't want to hear it from ourselves, so we look to others for help. But once you tell them what they need to know it is up to them to find it inside themselves. When we are too proud, we can't listen to anyone else and then we fail to learn. Either way, the message gets lost along the way. That is why I love to read for myself though. I have to challenge myself to look deep inside myself, into the light and dark areas and honestly evaluate these things. Believe me, it is not easy. That is my experience though, with your question.

    And I too have been meaning to meditate much more often. I have gotten a little in here and there. I have also been practicing my affirmations and thanking and asking the universe. I have really been writing a lot of it down though and then saying them aloud in the shower. I think you will find a way to begin meditating more, you just need that push, me too lol. Maybe if you get yourself a mat or jazz up an area just for yourself to do it at it will help. Maybe we can give eachother motivation =). And I am sorry for my consistently long replies. But I am taking a poetry class to work on wordiness lol.

  • I appreciate your long answers Universalharmony 🙂

    And I meditated today! Whoo hoo! I know it's oing to be a while before I get into a proper rhythm and feel any real and deep benefits from it, but I'm on the right track. I just need to keep it up.

    Now it's your turn! Have you had any time to do it? For some reason I've found that when I've been going through a lot of negative situations it's somehow easier fo me to clear my mind, focus, and meditate, as opposed to in a normal every day type of mood. Strange.

  • Awesome! I am glad you finally got a chance to. I think you are right. Sometimes it is harder to get it involved in your day to day activities when things are going good. Lately, I have been saying my affirmations when I am alone but I have been feeling so positive lately, I haven't even made the time. But you have inspired me to try and just pick a time and go for it. I am going to try today no matter what. Plus, I know that if I don't make it routine if something comes up that is challenging, it will be harder to cope without it. How much time do you normally take? And do you practice any particular kind or just go with the flow?

  • Well I stumbled slightly and didn't get a chance to meditate today 😞 definitely tomorrow!

    Did you have any luck? You're right, it's so much better to get into it on a daily basis so it continually nourishes you. Sometimes I've meditated for over an hour, the only thing that can get in my way is my foot falling numb after 25 mins, and then I need to take a small break, lol.

    I read that you should meditate in a well lit room to prevent your body from thinking you're going to sleep, but that distracted me so I like it pretty dark. Silence around me always helps. I've tried yoga deep breathing exercises as well, clears me up a bit and allows me to breath deeper. Not sure about helping with meditation though. To be honest it's hit and miss. Sometimes when I haven't tried at all, all it takes is 15 mins and I come out overwhelmed with gratitude and happiness to the point that I get tears in my eyes.

    I've also heard that you should become an observer to your thoughts, because at the beginning you inevitably end up thinking about a lot of random things, and instead of trying to get rid of them, apparently you should become an objective observer. Don't add anything to them, don't take anything away, and slowly you're meant to be left with peace. It's hard though because whenever I do end up clearing my mind I think to myself "yay, I did it", and then it's gone! I guess I just have to practice, practice, practice!

  • btw, what's your name? or do you like going by universalharmony?

  • LOL,, sleeping body parts,,

    I have to admit I may meditate several times a day when I need clarity.When I did full reading sessions it was mandatory for me to relax and ground.It renewed my energy and helped me to raise my vibration..Now days the discipline needed has receded...I always start my day out from in bed,, sounds bad huh,, but when your waking you can hit what is known as the alpha and theta stages.These are the mental and brainwave zones you enter in meditation..If you access them from the opposite of the spectrum when waking you can mentally and spiritually take advantage of them.I also use before bedtime and afternoon if I feel the need, it depends on the sun and my personal self

    Give it a try it comes a bit easier then trying to fully quite the mind and walk ones self down through the relax stages.



  • Wow, that's a really interesting way doing it Mytwistedworld, thanks for the advice. So whilst your waking up, do you know that a certain part will be a calming influence and just focus on that, or do you have to go looking for it in any way? And once you've found it, how do you prevent yourself from waking up fully, or, more likely in my case, falling asleep!

  • Lol, these are all very good questions ineedtomeditate. I am more like you and I am giggling because I got an image of myself waking up, trying to meditate, and waking up three hours later, like oh crap haha. My name is Danielle. What is yours?

    I did get a little time to meditate but as weird as this sounds I do it in the shower. I need to buy a mat or something so I can have some space in my apartment just for myself. But I am going to be moving in a few months so I may just wait. When I was younger I used to meditate in the shower and would get premonitions and little flashes of what was to come. Now since I am starting fresh again, I like the shower because I can be totally naked (and I love nudity lol, it is just so comfortable for me), I love the rythmic sound of the water because it helps my mind slow, and I love the heat because it relaxes me even more. All of those things just help me close my eyes, sit comfortably, and just try to center myself. I only did about twenty minutes for now because I am trying to get back to slowing down, centering myself, and working from there. It feels nice though. I agree with you though, sometimes your thoughts can be trying to take up all the space. I like that idea of trying to listen to each of them instead of trying to force them away. I probably helps you visualize the inside of your mind more. Me, I might try to look at one thought at a time and then get rid of it, almost like counting sheep. You just started so many ideas up for me lol. What mytwistedworld said about trying when you wake up is a good idea because you should be getting your theta and alpha brain waves activated when you meditate. But I don't think I could start the day off like that the way my routine works. But I might just do the opposite and try to meditate before I go to sleep. That way when I am ready to sleep my brain will already be where it needs to be. But we'll have to see, it all takes practice. And I am still trying to find ways to incorporate it daily because I can't take long showers like that everyday. Deep breathing can definitely help but isn't meditation supposed to lead you to deep breathing while your are in it? I like to hum one note for a long time real low, over and over. Almost like how people (monks and others) chant to help their meditation, I like to just hum a long soothing note. I hope you get a chance to get some meditating in today, let me know how it goes 😃

  • not wierd at all that a cancer would meditate in the shower! my best friend is a crab. she MUST bathe every night in scalding water she comes out looking like a real crab! my name is Danielle too.

  • Hey Danielle lol. What a nice name you have!! That's funny about your friend. Makes me feel a little less out there though definitely lol. She probably likes to swim too? I love the ocean and water related anything (just about). What's your sign? And to get back on topic, do you meditate? I have seen you are really busy with a young child, but do you ever get to find the time?

  • My name's Namrata 🙂

    I'm finding out some very unique methods of meditation today! It cool that there are so many different ways that can help bring us peace and happiness. I think I tried the shower thing once, but didn't give it a proper go. Might try it in the next few days. I concentrate on breathing deeply as a way of getting myself "in the zone", and to try to prevent any distracting thoughts. I know what you mean about humming though, I sometimes try and chant aum/om. It has over a thousand meanings but the one I really like is inner peace. I did get a chance to meditate today but it was cut short by a numb foot! I don't know how I'm going to solve that, I guess I'm hoping that I'll get into so into the meditation that I won't even realise I can't feel it. Did you have any luck?

  • Why thank you! I fancy your name too!. : ) I am a Sagittarius! : ) do you have any pisces in your chart? she is a pisces rising and the girl aint right without that bath. and I do mean bath. A shower isnt good enough for her. When we lived togethor it used to drive me nuts because wed get home from work at night and shed be in the bathroom so long that id be in bed before she got out and we never got to talk! : ) lol.

    I heard once that the most powerful thing that we mortals have is prayer, or meditation. wichever way you choose to commune with "god" I tend to feel very stressed ALL the time...too the piont that trying to hard to meditate stresses me out! : ) so I pray every night. And when I sit to read my cards I light a candle ...I do my best to only think about that candle flame. I will state my inquiry then I put everything out of my mind while I shuffle. Unfortuneatly thats as close as I ever get to being able to meditate.

    You guys impress me and I envy you. oh well maybe one day.

    Namrata is a beautiful name!

  • Namrata, what a beautiful name. Well nice to meet you :). Isn't it great that their is almost something for everyone when it comes to meditation? I am going to look up some yoga deep breathing techniques cause I want to be in the zone too lol. The chant I do is very similar to om, I just think I keep it a little quieter. But there are different variations of that too. I haven't meditated fully yet today but I am going to start trying before bed so I still have time this evening. I did a mini-meditation session before I began doing my readings today but I don't know if it could be called full on meditation. Hmmm... while you research some new meditation, try and look up different position if your foot keeps falling numb. Cause that sucks. I will try and look up some positions too and let you know what I find. You don't want to go through that everytime. There has got to be some cool different sitting styles.

  • Thank you KarmaComa 🙂

    I find looking at a lit candle very calming as well. Sometimes if I've lit one, I could stare at it endlessly. I think it's magical - others may think I'm crazy and a fire hazard.

    I can empathize with becoming stressed out with meditation as well Karma. As you've probably seen by this thread, there are many different ways of getting there 🙂

  • Hey Danielle, my mother is a Sagitarrius. Awesome. I don't have any pisces in my chart, I am a cancer, gemini, and aquarius. But it's funny you say that about your old roomate because my old roomate was a full pisces and was the same exact way. Take the bathroom up forever, hog it, and has to have a bath lol. Maybe it is a pisces thing. I am more of a shower girl.

    It is strong to be able to pray too. That is something that I am still learning. I believe in affirmations rather than prayer because my beliefs are different but it isn't easy. It takes a strong person to ask a higher being for help, to be unashamed of conversing with someone or something that you need faith to believe in. I have always been very reluctant to pray. Now, I ask the universe for the things that I want and thank the Universe for the things I have. But it can be tough. Either way is okay, as we all have our own way to peace and enlightenment. I like how you prepare to read tarot cards, that is nice. I love having candles lit when I do the readings, but I normally just close my eyes, visualize my question and the possibilities that surround it, and shuffle. But that is a great idea to use the flame as a clearing point.

  • Nice to meet you too Danielle, and thank you 🙂

    Mine wasn't full on meditation either 😞 I'm going to search for better positions right now!

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