Prayers for Radiantsun

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    I just got the best Christmas present. I checked my email and I had a note from Jean. I had not heard anything for many months now and I sent her and her husband Christmas greetings asking them to please send some news and I am happy she answered because I was starting to fear the worst. She tells me she starts to feel stronger every day and is recovering her short term memory she had lost with the chemo. She hopes to be able to come back soon. I cried with joy. I wanted to share thus with you. Thank you for your prayers, they do help.

  • Blmoon and Sunshine, there is another post on the previous page.

  • Hi Radiant Sun!!! Happy New Year to you. I hope you really enjoyed your holiday. Glad to know you are recovering well

    Keep up.tne great work. My kids and I had a nice but busy Christmas.

    Take care of yourself!!!

  • Thank you. All the best for the New Year. 🙂

  • Hi Radiant Sun!! Hope you are doing well!! Its freezing here. -13 here today. I'm ready for spring!!!

    Take care of yourself and stay warm!!!


  • What great news about Jean!!! I spent Christmas in Texas with oldest son and grandkids. Awful weather everywhere and horrible flu. I got it last and had to extend my stay but we all had a great time otherwise. Blessings for a new year all my soul friends here. For me this is a very rewarding year ahead....a year of rewards.....gratitude...entitlement.....abundance and being my most authentic self. I got a manuscript out before Christmas.! 2018....the year of fortitude and champions!

  • Hi Radiant Sun!! How are you doing? Sorry that I haven't been in checked in lately. I hope you have healed well.

    Take care of yourself. Thinking of you.


  • BlMoon!!! Nice to see you're back!! Hoping you are doing well. I've got the flu and it is not good. But I will recover. I've been thinking of you often and hoping all is well with you. The kids are fine. Lauren is 17 now. Almost grown!! Wow!!

    Have a wonderful day!


  • Radiant sun!!

    Checking to see how you are!! I am holding the vision tbat you are up around and loving life!!

    Spreading bright sunshine to brighten everyone's day today.

    My sunrise view is breathtaking!! Have a winderful day!


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  • @sunshine7959

    Hi Sunshine,

    Thank you for all your good wishes and for thinking of me. It took me a long time to recover and I needed to concentrate on getting well again. I am fine now.

    Hope you are well and enjoying life.



  • @radiantsun Hi to you!! I am so glad you are recovered. I had a strong feeling that you were doing just that, dealing with recovering. I hope all is well with you.
    I'm doing well. My children are out of school, but will start extended school year on monday for the month of July.
    I hope you are having a nice summer. Take care of yourself. I think about you sometimes and send positive vibes!!!
    Have a great day!!

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