Can i have your advice please?

  • I wonder if the moment has come that it is better for me to leave my job?

  • Do you have another job to go to?

  • No, TheCaptain, i don't have( i just felt myself not so good, healthwise. Now i still have problems and more troubles.

  • Hi Marishka,

    I am sorry you are not feeling well and such. Do you think this job is causing you stress and it also troubles you. If yes, and you can manage without the income from this job for a while at least then I think your mental and physical being hence your happiness and feel good is above and beyond any job. So, take care of you first and no job is worth all this. I have read your previous posts about this job and your legitimate concerns about this work place. Best of wishes. Xx

  • Thank you very much, znl.

  • You shouldn't leave your current job until you have another to go too. Otherwise you may sink into depression if you are out of work.

  • TheCaptain, my situation has changed completely, i need this job (as a source) and although i don't like it i am afraid i can lose it (as i din't fulfil one requirement to have my contract extended or to even get a small promotion).

    May i ask you please to draw one of your cards for me? (thread was something like - one question reading, were you tested your cards). The question is what should i know?

  • Your advice card is -

    The Card of Out-of-Proportion Reactions, Melodramas, or Old Fears

    In this situation, there is a lack of perspective or wrong perception. Either there is too much seriousness and exaggeration of the issue, or too much trivializing and not taking it seriously enough. Or perhaps too much love or effort is being given in proportion to what is being received. A person’s reaction to stressful stimuli can sometimes be totally out of proportion to the intensity of the event. As such, you may tend to exaggerate at times even though, deep down, you know you are not doing the right thing by getting scared or angry or closed off. Maximising the drama of something stems from an excess of emotion and/or ego around the situation, while trivialising something is an attempt to avoid looking into it deeply or even ignoring it altogether. One reaction may lead to greater conflict, while the other may lead to greater heartache. Melodrama is good for getting attention or for avoiding an issue, and should be ignored. A person may argue because they don’t want to lose. Anxiety, stress, feelings of powerlessness, or fear are common triggers of over-the-top reactions. This fear could be present in a person because of some deep insecurity, a tragic incident, family inheritance or an anxiety associated with age. This can be cured with self consciousness and effort. At the end of the day, however, people are people. There are no truly difficult people or difficult situations, only people who have unrefined communication skills or situations that are unclear or the facts not known. You only need to contact your intuition and Divine guidance to receive all the answers you seek. You can access your inner knowledge by finding calm and trusting that everything will work out for you. Put fear away from you and you will find what you seek.

  • TheCaptain, thank you!

    Your cards are so diverse. May i ask you please, do you think i trivialize more rather than exaggerate? Because i think both suits me/

  • I think you exaggerate your faults and deficiencies, and also your bad luck. I think you trivialize your good points and the good that is in your life.

  • TheCaptain, thank you. I think you are right, as usual.

  • TheCaptain, hello!

    I am sorry to bother you again. But i don't understand what is happening with my health. And doctors do not help( may i ask you please to draw a card. What is happeninv with me or why . And advice.

  • if you started to think about it, then something does not suit you. And so, I think it's a sign and you need to change something.

  • I agree WillardMorin, the problem is that i have been thinking about it since i got this job(

  • TheCaptain, hello!
    I am trying to analyse my thoughts about my job, and i can't understand if the problem is really in my job and the fact that i don't like it. Or if the problems lies in my life in general and the fact that for example i do not go out often, no communicating with friends and my job just aggravates all this, as during the job i communucate with people who are a lot younger then me, i do not meet man here. How to understand what is the primary cause. Sometime i want to run away from the room, from all my groups (i have this feeling while work with almost every group nowdays). But sometimes (very rare) i feel ok and like to chat.

  • i do not go out at all, except for a job or to buy food.

  • @marishkaa Then you are the problem. How can you meet anyone if you stay at home? All your life you have been passive, waiting for things to happen to you. Now is the time for action! You have to actively create the life that you want. Why not join a club or find a group that shares your hobbies or interests? Or start one yourself at sites like MeetUp.

  • I think i don't have a goal, can't say that i like something to do, i am almost with no interests.

  • @marishkaa Then you must get them.

  • This post is deleted!

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