In a love reading: lovers in foundation, tower in the environment

  • What does the lovers card mean in the foundation position and the tower in the environment position in the same love reading?

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  • This post is deleted!

  • I've actually tried looking up what the meaning could be for those two cards in those two positions and came up with very little that might shed light. I'm not an experienced Tarot reader, but if you don't mind, I'll see what comes if I tap into this intuitively:

    The Lovers card in the foundation position:

    What springs to mind here is that the lovers card is representative of your very first relationship as a child, so this would mean your parents and siblings. Something in your past had a very, very profound effect on your relationships right throughout your life, and now is the time to shake the foundations of the beliefs you've garnered over the years. Do you keep ending up in toxic relationships? This card in this position means that you will be able to rectify what has kept you at odds with relationships - and that can be love relationships and friendships - up until now.

    In a nutshell, my insight is that you are at a crossroads where you need to throw away the belief system you had built up, and open up to a new possibility. You may feel a bit groundless while this happens, and afraid, but it's necessary for you to grow and build new foundations of your own. Foundations from where will spring what you desperately want to attract into your life and that is healthy and stable relationships in all aspects of it.

    The Tower in the environment position

    Well, I'm getting that you live in a toxic environment actually! Somewhere that seems to throw off a chemical sort of atmosphere that isn't doing you much good at all. Now, having said "chemical", this toxicity could also mean a work or living situation where those you share your space with are toxic people. People who sap you dry. Your stress levels are raised and I'm seeing you flailing a lot, trying to bat off whatever it is that is causing you to feel so drained and upset.

    Also, another thought came up here: have you been tested recently for any sort of hormonal or even chemical imbalance? Something isn't right somewhere, either within you or in your outer, and it needs sorting out quickly.

    Think about both your living and working situations and see where you may be being drained, and where your stress levels seems to raise the highest. It may be time for a change, and quickly.

    Honestly, to sum up what I'm picking up from your question, I feel that you are due a very major change in your life, and that it needs to happen, and happen as soon as possible. There will be obstacles though, and you may doubt. But this is necessary for you to ... well ... ESCAPE quite frankly.

    What has been keeping you trapped lately?

    I don't know if this waffle helps at all, but I saw your post with no responses and thought I'd have a go, even if it isn't quite what you were asking for.

    Hope you are well Moonie!

    From one Moonie to another hahaha

  • Thank you Moonie for your reply... i was waiting for any comments. The cards appeared in my online reading which is probably not very accurate but i just felt like hearing what other people might think about these particular cards in these specific positions...

    i guess your intuitive thoughts are correct...about my false conviction from the past about relationships. i think i have already mentioned in our previous conversation that my parents' relationship was far from being perfect, hurtful words and tense atmosphere were just part of every day life. It is so difficult to talk about such delicate matters as i also do not want to incriminate anyone, to be disloyal and unjust. Of course not everything was bad...i know i was loved but i also realize i have deep wounds from the past which affect my whole life.

    You asked if i often end up in toxic relationships... well, the men i have fallen for and who were important in my life (only 2 in fact) were already taken when i met them. At one point i started to wonder why i attract such men, why i suffer and allow to be taken advantage of, to be the third, the less important one...there must be some psychological explanation for that...and probably if i dug deep in my psyche and my past i could find the answer... i would like to say more but such confessions are not suitable for a public forum...

    A few years ago i would say that home was my toxic environment too but now i feel 'safe',so to speak, with my closest ones. i think the toxic environment is my workplace Moonie. Do you know the feeling when you are being constantly watched. i am on my guard, all the time alert not to do anything that might bring about negative reactions and 'stabs in the back'... and the harder i try, the more i focus on it, the more difficult it becomes...and every time i end up in the same dark pit.

    i work in a public sector which gives me some kind of (maybe false) security. What keeps me there is also the financial aspect. i am scared of being left with nothing, with no means to earn a living, with no security for the future. i am single so i need to be self-reliant in every sense of the word... i know i am not surrounded by friendly people and it does not help my self confidence but for now i do not see any alternative...

    i've read in one of your post that you are planning to leave your place... a pity as you have already put so much effort to beautify your homespace and you came there with so much hope and enthusiasm...well, sometimes it is the best thing we can do...leave things behind and start anew in another more friendly surroundings...

    Moonie forgive me if my choice of words is not always perfect, English is my second language...

    and thanks for your caring heart:)

  • now when i think about it yes, my living situation IS toxic, not my home though, but the place, the people in a broader sense...

  • This is good feedback, so thanks for giving it 🙂 To be honest, I thought I was doing a reading for myself as well as you, as my own situation almost mirrors yours in many ways. As an aside, if English is your second language, then you're doing very well indeed! I would never have suspected, so I hope that makes you feel better lol

    Toxicity comes in many forms, either through chemicals or behaviour from the people around us. Too often, sensitive, empathic people like us end up victims of this sort of emotional vampiric behaviour. I sure do know how you feel when you mention having to look over your shoulder, and feeling like you're being watched. It's AWFUL. Why people think they have the right to target others and watch them like hawks is beyond my comprehension, but they do, and they get away with it.

    I sure hope moving away from here is the right thing for me to do. It's funny, because coming back - with those high hopes you mentioned - I've felt so different about the place. This town was my home for almost 12 years, but it feels different. Not so welcoming. And I don't feel that I belong here anymore. I look around and all I see is isolation and unfriendliness. I'm aware though, that after what I experienced in trying to get my old job back, I am left with that sense of being cast out, and thus may be bringing that to myself.

    Have you ever had anyone say to you that you have a very thick facade? One that keeps you burdened and unable to receive anything positive? I have, and it's really got me thinking. I'm also wondering if you suffer similar. I mention this because I've noticed that right through my life I've had so much disappointment, meanness from others (including my family and marriage), and have ended up being cast out, or hung out to dry as I like to call it.

    My thoughts are that I - or we - will keep suffering these setbacks until we finally shed ourselves of what has clung to us for too long. Ridding ourselves of that belief system that we will suffer too much pain if we simply let everything go including our facades. That layer of protection, in my case at least, has become stifling. I feel constantly weighed down and never really happy.

    This may sound like a "me" reading here, but I'm putting this out there, as I think you may suffer similar.

    It's been suggested that I - and I say this to you too - attempt to visualise that facade either being peeled away or split open, and once that happens, casting it away to the ethers.

    The only protection we need is white light and help from Archangel Michael. We only need to ask for help from our guides and angels.

    Again, I don't know if this helps you, but it seems relevant to you as well as me.

    It's time to rise and shine, in a literal sense. And I can't see that happening while we persist in keeping ourselves "safe". I confess to feeling more afraid through doing this; constantly protecting oneself only ends up in those states and situations we have fought so hard to avoid.

    We can only try!

  • I've been told i give off the vibes of a victim and that may be the reason why i seem to be a perfect target for some kind of aggressiveness. i don't like this idea of having victim mentality but i admit i tend to let myself be overcome with negative thoughts, too often perhaps.

    Maybe you are not far from truth about the thick facade, this protective shield that prevents from anything, either good or bad, from entering (although usually the bad finds its way anyway). Strange, as i often try to turn people's thinking into more positive tracks, ensuring them things will be ok, strengthening their spirit when i feel it'll help yet i cannot always do it to myself. Not now. i know i will find the strength in me finally but probably will still live with this fear of the same old, same old coming back into my life. Hence the thick facade perhaps...

    Moonie, i am not sure if i understood your words in your first response...something about a major change in my life... Watergirl also mentioned huge transformation...has it already happen? inside me? or is it the question of the future...don't know why but i have a feeling that next year will bring 'the tower' energy into my life...

  • What I'm feeling here is that a major change will happen, and needs to, in order for you to shake off the old and let in the new. I'm not seeing it as being more internal than outer, although there are shifts happening within you as we speak. I'm seeing changes like a new job, new area to live, new set of friends ... that sort of thing. I'm also getting the number 5, but can't say if that's days, weeks, etc. I did say that things are happening for me of a similar nature. These changes can be scary and feel threatening, but when they happen, and we dust ourselves off and settle, we'll see where these changes were necessary for our own growth.

    Like you, I've played the victim a bit, although tried covering that up with being out-going and sometimes loud. In truth, I've been a scared little girl trying to make it in a harsh world. I know I'm not in the minority here either. It's fair to say that our parents tried to get us to toughen up so that we would succeed in life. That's okay to a degree, but when it becomes a case of us stifling and hiding ourselves from the world, that's when problems arise as we get older. Our search for truth becomes harder because we haven't lived our own. I'm not blaming mine or anyone's parents - they brought us up the best way they knew how - but that sort of belief system does make it hard for kids to grow up and feel safe in their own skin. How can you feel safe when you've been told it's not safe to let the world see you for who you are?

    Again like you, I also encourage people to find their strengths, to see themselves in a better light, but can't do the same for myself. It gets old though; constantly pointing others in a better direction, while we are still battling to see the light at the end of our own tunnel. And that's where our major life changes come about. It begins with exhaustion. Exhaustion that is emotional. Lots of tears, lots of sitting around being unable to get ourselves up to do anything else but what has to be done. Do you feel this way at all?

    And you're right, even though I don't get my Tarot cards out much, that Tower energy is coming your way next year, if not sooner, because I see you settled in new surroundings - both work and living - by about August/September 2018. I hope that doesn't scare you!!

  • Exhaustion- that's the exact word describing my condition...exhaustion and what goes with it-indifference...i have my routine, i do what i have to do, little or even no place for joy...week after week passes- such futile life. i realize there is no one to blame for that but myself, after all we create our own lives, we are responsible for what it looks like, for our own happiness.

    Yes, i am scared of this change, of this instability, lack of security, uncertainty but to be honest i CRAVE it, i really do as i think i will not make it any longer living like i do.

    i would so much like us both to find our happiness at last. It's high time it happened, don't you think?:)

  • Definitely! And you're right in that we create our own lives and are responsible for our own happiness. I guess what happens is that we can see how we'd love our lives to look, and yet seem to end up with what we have and it comes up wanting. Maybe it's a fear of having a successful, happy life; that it'll blow away as soon as it comes. I don't know what the answer is to this question. I remember a counsellor I was seeing years ago, who repeated what he'd said to a client: "this is all there is, is it that bad?" A fair question, but one that seems to say that sometimes life is how it is, and all we can see is what's wrong with it, or compare ourselves to others and feel our lives lack while theirs seems so much better.

    I'm scared to death of moving away again! I'll know no-one at all this time, and be starting from scratch with everything. Yet I feel it's necessary because if I stay in this small town, I'm afraid I'll be looking over my shoulder everywhere I go, and in everything I do.

    I think, too, that things come to a head once a person is able to deal with them. Memories flood in, all those awful feelings of depression settle like a cloud, and we wonder if we'll ever see our inner sun again. I haven't had a good belly laugh for years. Or any fun. And it's been like that for too long. All I can see in my recent life is worry, stress and that awful insecure feeling.

    Yet, when we get to a point of being content and comfortable in our lives, we seem to want to uproot that little applecart. It's like contentment is something to be feared. When I look at people who are content in their lives, they are happy. So why is it that we keep pushing ourselves so hard, and - for want of repeating myself - being so pathologically afraid of being content that we do everything to not be? An old friend once said "expect nothing". I think he was right, but what he may have also meant was to stop expecting so much from ourselves. Sometimes I wish I could think like a man; expect nothing, live for the moment ... what a lovely way to be!

  • Maybe i will surprise you but i've never liked my job (it's been always giving me so much stress), yet i have stayed in the same place, doing the same thing for almost twenty years. i have seen many changes happening in the place, people coming and going and i have experienced a lot of hardship there every time telling myself 'i'll make it'... why do we so much avoid this necessary change and get stuck in the unbearable? have no idea... you at least try, you seek different options...

    Maybe it's better to start from scratch Moonie, with no expectations as you said, with no biases on both sides, no build the kind of life you want to have, open for fresh experience, ready to embrace the new...maybe it's not all that bad.:) (well, now i need to convince myself.;)) You say you will not know anyone, so what? you have moved to a place which you knew, to people who seemed to be your friends and? what you got was only disappointment...our main purpose in life is to be happy. it's our duty, it's what we owe ourselves. And we should never cease to look for it and never settle for less than we deserve. Hm, i know the theory:), time to put it into practise.;)

    ps. it's night here, i have just been woken up by an unpleasant dream... my own execution...i was taken to a big room with no windows and put to the wall and i knew i was going to die in a minute...the virtual gun was targeted at me and i was waiting for the sentence execution...terrible feeling

  • Sorry for this fatalistic ending of my last post:)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Good luck Moonie:), may all your plans and wishes come true

    ...and thank you for everything:)

  • Hi Moonie2 lol!

    Am back from a house hunting trip in the area we want to move to. It was a very busy week and productive; we both have jobs lined up and found a house - we're just waiting on formal approval of our application for the place. It's a nerve wracking time, trying to co-ordinate removalists, dates for starting work, commencement of the lease, etc. I'm up the wall already lol!

    You're right in what you said above: that to be afraid of going somewhere where I won't know anyone shouldn't be an issue, considering I came back to a place where I thought I had friends and was accepted to find little except disappointment.

    I know it's hard to relocate from something/where familiar, especially after 20 years, but if you're feeling it is time for a change, then that will happen. The universe hears what messages we send, and if you're pleading for something to change, then it will.

    Your ending wasn't "fatalistic" at all! It was a dream, and I take it to mean that a part of you or your surroundings or life path if you will, needs to change dramatically, often characterised by a death or the threat of it. You know, sometimes when someone who appears to be suicidal says that they don't want to live anymore, maybe they sometimes mean they don't want to live the way they have anymore. It's a huge difference.

    I don't know if the above para makes any sense to you, but what I'm saying is that dramatic change can be directly related to death: death of a certain way of living or being. So don't whip yourself over this, it's merely saying to you that it's time to let that old stuff go (die) so the new can come in (be born in other words).

    I hope you are going okay! I wanted to touch base as we only got home the other day, and yesterday was a busy day trying to organise stuff which nearly drove me INSANE.

    Talk again soon 🙂

    PS: You don't have to thank me for anything. Let's both aim for that happy place we visualise, and it'll happen.

  • i am sooo happy for you Moonie.:) Things are apparently going in the right direction for you and everything happened so quickly that i am impressed. hahaha So it's true: once you make a decision to change something in your life the Universe colaborates with you to help you achieve your goal.;) Determination and courage- this is what needs to be found in ourselves to start this process of transformation in our life...Bravo Moonie!:) Oh, i imagine it must be very busy, tiring and stressful time but you can see positive results already so every drop of sweat and blood was worth it.:) i hope this new place has a very positive aura which will make you feel fit into it from the very beginning.

    i think your interpretation of my dream is correct. i tend to have very vivid dreams in times of anxiety and the great unknown in my life, dreams which are exhausting and frightening. This one was particularly clear and seemed so close to reality... i think you are right in that it's about a certain part of me dying- my way of living, my attitude, my way of perceiving reality... i am doing fine Moonie but constantly somewhere under my skin am feeling the inevitable coming... just not sure what form it'll take. Such a process is rarely painless and this is what worries me a bit.:) On the other hand i am glad i know beforehand what i can expect and can mentally prepare myself to what is bound to happen... i am full of doubts and anxiety but surprisingly also full of hope and this kind of 'sweet' anticipation...:)

    keeping fingers crossed for both of us;)

  • Well, my feelings are the same: anxious, worried, but tempered by a feeling of anticipation, hope and mild excitement. I'm a bit wary because the last two moves I did with rose coloured glasses on, especially the one back here. I'm going in with my eyes wide open this time, and it's a different feeling from before.The scared me wants to stay here, while the adventurous me wants to go. It's a battle between those two states which is exhausting!

    When you feel that sense of inevitability, then something definitely is coming. As to what it is, that remains to be seen. And no, such a process is not painless; there are goodbyes, a sense of nostalgia, and that very real sense of closing a major chapter in your life.

    One thing I've learned is that as much as we prepare ourselves for, or are worried about, an event or whatever, it doesn't seem to happen the way we thought. And sometimes ... just sometimes, everything happens so perfectly it surprises us with the rightness of it all.

    So, yes, fingers crossed! Let's keep hoping 🙂

  • How are you doing Moonie? 🙂

  • Doing okay so far. How about you? We've struck a slight hitch in our moving plans, due to being told I was entitled to relocation assistance from our welfare people, then being told that the job I'm going to has to be 30+ hours a week if not full time. My new boss is going to vouch for those hours though, so it's a waiting game at the moment and it's making me NERVOUS lol! Plus having to rehome three of our cats and one of our dogs. That's really sad, but necessary if we want this move. I just want them to find good homes 😞

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