• It’s been awhile since I post here.

    I met this chick for about two weeks now. We been talking nonstop for the past two weeks from 7:90 am 3:00 am through Text/Snapchat/FaceTime. We always have something to talk about. We both like each other, but she’s like a women I never ever thought I would bother time with or invest with. She’s flying to see me next weekend but is hard to read her let alone what she really wants

    Her last name is Luna birthday nov 14,1989

    My birthday is sep 4,1991

    She’s a bit older and for some strange reason we connect pretty well. We on the same page, but again. I’m very skeptical just because she’s too good to be true.

    I just want some insight if she’s really wants something serious or she’s just messing around.

  • Keep it as a great friendship - living together or getting married would be a nightmare.

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