Libra Women Sag Man ?? Please help !!!!

  • I've been seeing a sag off and on for 2 yrs. We get along fine but it seems that when we start getting close he backs off. I'm very confused. Can you help?????

  • hmm lets see if i can help, im a sag man, and ive been dating a libra girl for about a little over a month now, we not boyfriend/girlfriend just yet, cause shes need to stay focused on school.

    anyway, it would be nice if i had a little more info on you guys a little bit, are you guys shy? or loud and outgoing? his he or you a little over weight and have low confindence? have you guys been in bed together over the 2 years?

    well thats kinda what me and this girl are in right now, well for us sags commitment can be very hard for us to deal with, i dont know why its this way but it is, ive wanted to run away from this girl alot already cause im scared of how much i actually like her, and i could very well see myself possibly married to her one day. cause i have so much in common with this girl that it really weird how much we understand eachother on so many levels.

    i think he's like me in a way, he likes you so much that it scares him to death sometimes. i know it does to me. sometimes he can act like a total jerk right? and say some bad things to you? i havent done that yet, but i have in the past to push people away from me cause we so scared and thats the only way we think will work.\

    we sags, tend to give up everything we are to the person we love, maybe he thinks your too good to be true? too good for him? i know i still do sometimes. sags need to be told how much our partner cares for us,loves us alot. its just something we need i geuss,

    when you guys first met how was he toward you? aggressive that he wanted you? or too shy until you opened up to him? you play hard to get? cause sags dont like to feel like they are being played with. i dunno im a sag and my older brother is a sag, so im going off what i know and see all the time.

    sags when mad can be very vengeful, and try to make you jealous or say some things that really hurt you, some can even go as far as cheat on someone to prove a point ive heard, but most arent like that, i will never cheat, but my brother has never cheated either, BUT after his break ups he his very quick to find someone else and move on. BUT not entirely!!! cause i know he still wants his ex and i know that she wants him back too, but they too stubbern to act on what they want!!!

    when sags move on, we always think about the ones that got away. WELL Ok i hoped this helped, message back, i prolly can help again. your welcome

  • Thank you so much for the insight. It was always me that did the breaking up. He would call me everyday for a month and we would see each other then he would stop calling and not answer his phone. Eventually I would just stop all contact with him. Then he would call and ask me out. We didn't end up in bed everytime. I refuse to be a booty call to anyone. We can talk about anything at anytime. We are very open in that dept. I'm not the kind of person that wants someone around all the time and I know he needs his space. We are very compatible in every part of life. He has been divorced foe 10 yrs and I have been widowed for 4. He was the first person I dated after my husbands death. He has told his friends that I was the best thing that ever happened to him. Both of us are very confident. I am very independent out going and do not have any baggage. Neither one of us are over weight. He is attractive and very much a mans man. I on the other hand have been described as beautiful, caring and down right hot. Some of his friends (and mine) tell me that I'm to good for him. All I care about it the way he makes me feel when I'm with him. This man is very ambitious and adventurous. This is what I love about him, never a dull moment.

  • yeah i think he likes you so much that it scares him, and probably thinks you can find someone better and he dont deserve you. sag men tend to come off as "needy" or "clingy" which for somepeople can make them feel smothered and want there space back. that why you kept breaking up with him?

    im not even a boyfriend to this girl im seeing YET, cause we've talked about all that stuff, and shes going to school fulltime and works on weekends, that we are just "friends" right now, and i like her so much i find it really hard just to be friends with her, but i am willing to wait, cause she has a hard time trusting people and maybe this is kinda a test? i dunno '

    she says she feels something for me but doesnt know what it is. and shes said that she likes me lots, and LOTS lol and says stuff like "i hope you will stick around for me, and maybe later we can see where this goes" what do you think that means?

    i personally think she likes me alot more than shes willing to say, and says that shes afraid of screwing up her chances with me. and i say the same thing to her cause i havent made any move on her after a month and like 10 days of dating, i afraid too cause i dont wanna move faster than she wants too. but everytime we say goodbye after hanging out its always the awkward moment like she wants me to kiss her, but i dont and give just a hug, i think she wants me to move faster a little bit but she says otherwise, and im scared of ending up just a friend, but i dont think i will sometimes, cause shes super nervous around me lol

    well ok i hoped i helped you, now maybe you can help me? lol libras im finding out are very confusing, i just wish she would come straight out with her feelings, and say whats on her mind. one day

  • We libras are very loving people. I know for me it's about not putting yourself out there to be hurt. Kinda like testing the waters. Just keep being nice and thoughtful and she can't help but fall in love with you. It's the little things that get us everytime. Like buying her favorite candy bar when you go in to pay for gas. Buying lunch for her and taking it to her because she doesn't have time to go herself. This shows that you think of her all the time. We just want to feel safe and sucure. I know this is confusing cuz we are so independent. We just like to know that no matter what we can always feel safe in your arms. Hope this helps. I

  • i know she doesnt want to get hurt, thats why shes scared about me, her direct quote"i never in my wildest dreams did i think id find a guy i might be serious with right now in my life".

    and i might not bring her lunch or anything, BUT (we text alot! dont really talk on phone) i always ask her how her day was at night, i ask her if she has any tests coming up (and i remember them and wish her good luck before hand) she texts me today saying that " hellz yeah! i got a "B" on my chem test" and i say "thats awesome! you so smart" so showing her that i think about her all the time is covered LOL which i do.

    and also i invite her to hang out like twice a week, she always says she cant cause she has to study, (which i already know shes gonna say that, but i ask anyway), but i can tell she likes me at least asking.

    but recently i think shes avoiding me cause when we both meet up or something, both of us are kinda lost in the clouds for 2 days afterwards, thinking about eachother, and shes noticed this and needs to t stay focused on school,(i dunno for sure but i BET this is what is going on) but today i asked her to hang out, even though she said she doesnt have another test for 2 whole weeks!!, and still says she needs to stay home and study for it, i wanted to call her out on her bull crap, but i didnt lol cause its fine, and i know shes not going anywhere

    im think im on the right track, u think? and i even showed up at her work last week on sunday, and she took her break when i got there, and we just talked about our weekend and stuff, but still that awkward moment just before we hug and say bye, like maybe we should kiss but i worry that would drive her away cause she needs to focus on school, so im being respectful and doing what she wishes. but maybe she says one thing but really means another? do you do that? thanks again your very helpful

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