Can I get some help?

  • There is a person whom I dated briefly about 2 months ago, and I cannot get them off my mind. I think about them several times a day, and I’m concerned that I’m wasting a lot of time and energy on someone who’s not going to ever come back into my life. Around a month ago, I contacted them to tell them that I still missed them everyday and that I really thought thinking of them so much after we parted ways a month prior to that, might mean something. They said they had also thought of me a lot, but was unsure what it meant to them. A few days later, they asked me out on a date but then stood me up and of course, I never got a response or an explanation as to why they chose to do that. I have not attempted to contact them again since the day after the date was to happen, but I still can’t shake the feeling that I wouldn’t still be this hung up on them if it wasn’t for some reason. Can anyone give me some insight on whether or not something might happen between me and this person in the future?

  • It would always be a bit more off than on with you two. Move on.

  • I have kind of gotten that feeling a few times during all of this, and I know I can’t be the one to make someone else want to change their life, so that’s it then. Thank you for your help, TheCaptain!

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