May i have a general reading on my next move in life ..Please

  • if anyone is willing to give me reading concerning what i should focus on and what i should do next i would greatly appreciate it thank you.

  • I drew an advice card for you -

    The Card of Intuition

    In this situation, you are called on to explore the Law of Intuition. We are all here to live in alignment with spiritual laws, but the Law of Intuition is especially critical for those of us with issues of integrity and wisdom. We can only get in touch with our own intuition and wisdom when we no longer depend upon others’ opinions for our issue of identity or worth; we all tend to worship something; the question is, will we worship the ‘god’ of opinion, or the ‘god’ of our heart? This Law can provide needed leverage for those of us who were born without a strong sense of identity, centre, or inner direction. It also addresses the needs of those who don’t understand their life purpose, or feel very sensitive to criticism and who worry about whether they are doing the right thing, which often gets defined by someone else. Sometimes we can be so busy monitoring other peoples’ opinions that we ignore the wisdom of our own intuition. We may define and value ourselves based on what other people feel about us, in terms of their attitudes and views; we may need approval or support from others for a sense of identity. We mold ourselves to others’ expectations and give away our power in order to validate ourselves. Thus, we lose our sense of self and remain at other peoples’ mercy, open to manipulation by anyone who has a strong opinion about how we should act or even who we should be. There’s nothing wrong with getting advice or reference points or with asking someone’s opinion - different points of view give us greater perspective, but we can’t run our lives by committee. What others think of us is really none of our business. This ‘god of opinion’ that we worship can also have other names like ‘the god of authority’ or ‘the god of comparison’ or ‘the god of money’. Whatever we put up on the pedestal tends to overshadow the wisdom of our own heart and gut instincts. But we have no need to worship outer gods. The key to the process of gaining access to all spiritual laws and wisdom resides in making an inspired, emotional connection to our heart and intuition. The Law of Intuition reminds us to recognize when we are monitoring the ‘god of opinion’ and to begin to transfer authority to the ‘god of our inner guidance’ , our quiet inner voice, the only opinion that ultimately has value for us. Once we contact our wise centre, we can then listen to others’ advice or opinions without losing sight of our own counsel, the intuitive place from which we determine what is best for our own life, and allow others to do the same, respecting the sanctity of their own process and not attempting to coerce or dominate them. Then we are free to make use of other peoples’ views without being dependent on them, taking what is useful and submitting all views to the wisdom of our own inner guide. You have all the answers you need inside you, but you have to find the courage to face the truth and not dwell on ‘what you wish would be’.

  • Hello Captain, thank you very much, I didnt think anyone had answered me but decided to look and got my answer.Thank you agan from the bottom of my heart I know i've got a lot of work to do in this area... this was definitely pertinent to me.

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