Send money or visit instead? Need opinions please!

  • I have a dilemma. I have a long distance relationship with this wonderful woman overseas. It's been going for two and a half years but I haven't met her yet. We've been contemplating meeting in person for months and I'm wondering if I should send money so she can visit or I go to her instead?

    For some background, the woman I'm dating is from Odessa, Ukraine and we met through online chatting. It was from this site called A Foreign Affair It was recommended to me by friends who actually met their wives through the site.

    I'm not "buying" a person, I'm only using the services. I talk to my gf on the phone with the help of a translator. That was a year ago, I'm getting better with my Ukrainian and she with her English We can communicate fairly well without help.

    I want to know if it's safe to travel in Ukraine during December? I wanna spend the holidays with her. It's always been Skype and telephone calls in the past two years, I was thinking we should spend time together in person.

    It’s not that I don’t trust her, it’s just I’m not sure if I want her to travel alone by herself coming here in Colorado. She did say that she will be fine and I know she can do it, but I dunno, I kind of feel iffy about it.

    Tell me guys, should I visit her in Ukraine or should I just send her money to have her travel here US? Any advice will greatly help. Thanks in advance!!!

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  • Hi.

    You can get the ticket from here and send it her.

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