• Save Our Site, please admin!

    There have been no spammers for a month - are we safe?

  • There are still many fake registered users selling various products on this site which is against forum rules. These fake users are prob mostly a few trolls and spammers every time . Look at this and quite a few other threads:

    Two users w two different names but probably the same individual.

    Some are still selling writing ads / services on various sites.

    The thing that has disappeared (hopefully) is Chinese and or Korean ads published over and over!

  • Hi! You're safe from the any new spammers, but there are sneakier spammers out there that slip through that aren't as easy to catch.

    We're finalizing the new forums system that will be able to weed these spammers out automatically. The forums will be new and improved!

    Something to look forward to. 🙂

  • This is fake! This is not the administration logo and the real name is The post has typos. No one is watching over this blog. It is easy to copy that pic......log on as a new user and use the saved pic. No one is checking. The same spam users return without anyone blocking.

  • Thanks admin. It is a huge improvement to be rid of the spammers w auto posting mumbo jumbo and littering all threads. I think we all can point out the "advertisers" and we appreciate you removing their posts and delete their profiles.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  • Btw, this is the same admin in the other threads we all have written to from 6 months ago and some of us have communicated with admin via email too and through support help. Click on her name to see all the threads.

  • believe what you want.....but the decline of Tarot community blog speaks for itself. I did not say there was not a real person communicating with you. In seven months administration started 4 posts. Remember the old days? When administration popped in almost once a day? When someone had a real job assigned to monitor the posts everyday? When the report abuse link was promptly addressed. Find an old thread with the original administration logo and you'd see that administration was very involved and watching everyday. . But most of our long time posts have been wiped out. A community blog is a very intensive and costly place to maintain. That is why they are rarely available. I still say the administration rep you speak to is not all you think they are. They are trying to placate loyal users as best as possible with limited time and budget. There is no one paid by Tarot to monitor this blog EVERYDAY. Since you are e-mailing them......ask them if Tarot still pays an employee to monitor this blog full time?

  • Clearly,it's been a few years since they had dedicated full time moderator/staff on these forums. It is also evident their business model has changed. Personally, I don't have much expectation for any free and public forum like this one. I am glad to see like minded people can come when they like on here. Seems like there are a lot of lurkers new and old timers that pop in once in a while to participate or contribute but things change. I don't email w but only once I tried to help another poster to have a picture removed and they could not at the time. I hope they can fix/ improve what their dev set out to do. I think Watergirl offered to have a new situation set up outside of a while back but nobody took her offer.

  • A few years ago a few posters mentioned and predicted "this sites forum is dying, because it is not a priority to the any longer, which is sad." TheCaptain, Breze1, and many others.

  • Hi guys!

    I'm sorry that it's been a while since we've been back. Unfortunately, the raw fact is that we're a small group here and each person has a lot on their plate. We haven't been able to allow someone to carve out time dedicated solely to the forums -- until now.

    We've been working back here on our new forums! We've hit a lot of bumps along the way but we're finally ready to start rolling out some details. I'll post something later today about this!

    One of the added benefits is that I'll be working time into my schedule daily and weekly to hang out on the forums with you all. We're looking to expand and build this community -- which means that it won't be like the "old days." Things will be new and improved and will hopefully include many new members!

    Keep and eye out for a post to announce more details! And yes, if you have any concerns or questions, feel free to even email me at This is not a fake account...

    I really do work for Daily Insight Group who publishes (Lol at anyone who would spend their time making fake admin accounts. You guys are silly).

    Talk soon!

  • Silly? right, who would spend time sending thousands of spam posts and fake term paper links.

  • Not me. 😉

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