Need some help with interpretation ?

  • So a little background information my ex and me parted in the most horrid of ways, we basically exchanged a lot of nasty words in the heat of the moment. He had lied to me and had been deceiving me for an year. He accuses me of breaching his privacy that was a necessary evil.

    By the end he lamented he wasnt worth being trusted by anyone..least of all me.

    I drew 5 of cups card for what he wants from me.

    I couldnt make out whether he feels guilty or wants me to feel sorry and regret my actions.

    I drew a clarifier I got Ace of Cups xR.

    Does he want me to forgive him? Or he wants to forgive me?

    I also keep drawing 3 of swords as how he sees me and 5 of cups xR as how I see him

  • For 3 of swords (as how he sees me) I feel he sees me as someone on whom he has inflicted great pain and betrayed.

    For 5 of cups xR (as how I see him) I feel that I see him remorseful for his actions. Trying to make sense of the damage he has dealt

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