Geminis Born on a Cusp

  • Hello...your post caught my eye..not only am I on the cusp of gemini and caner too..but I also have a friend who is. There are truly differences. I also have many gemini friends and cancer friends. Truly their signs. Funny, I always thought I was the sign of cancer ..june 21st. Then I had my astrology chart done and it turns out that the year and time I was born, that my sun sign is technically in gemini...hmm. talk about 3 personalities, well that fits the description. I most certainly have my gemini and cancer moments. When I met my friend who is also on the cusp, she talked about how she is not gemini and not we just call each other the cusp sisters! We talked about the wierd things that only a cusper could know! I guess a gemini / cancer makes a person who talks about how they FEEL ! Well I hope this helps you some. ..welcome fellow-cusper!

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