Pisces Man wants his Cancer woman Back

  • Hey everyone, so to make a long story short I've been dating a cancer woman for a few months now and we had fallen in love with each other. Do to her busy schedule we weren't able to see each other for quite a while and communication was getting scarce. I became overwhelmed one day and told her that I didn't think this was gonna work, she broke down and I did too. But I immediately regretted my mistake and told her that I really did want to be with her and wanted to make it work. We said we didnt wanna lose each other. A few days later she is distant and reserved. She wouldn't return my calls or text, saying she is hurt and doesn't know what she wants. I have apologized the best to my abilities and told her that I want to make her happy, and that I made a mistake. She says shes scared, puzzled and hurt. That she still loves me but just needs time. I made a terrible mistake and I hate myself for it. It hurts so much I dont want to lose her.

  • Part of me just wants to call/text her and say " get ready i'm taking you out" and showing her how much I love her.

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