Blmoon, TarotNick, TheCaptain, StandingTall.. pls if anyone can help me in this

  • We broke up few months ago.. and I stopped talking to him.. we had a word on his birthday last month and now as one month passed he called and said that I was thinking if we can meet, I told him that sure we can.. but the day we planned to meet i called and asked whether is he coming he said that I have got some work... so won't be able to...

    Is he just trying to check whether m I still into him or not? Or genuinely he had some work... if your cards can help? Pls tell me..

    Can tarot help to read his intentions?

    If cards can tell me what should I do? Or his intentions?

    Or anything I should know about this situation?

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  • Can you give both birthdates?

  • But the question is - do you want to get back with him? What is in your heart for him? Why did you break up in the first place?

  • I still love him.. n he broke up for his reasons..

    N recently he called n told me that I m feeling really frustrated since last 1.5 months . N I was thinking if we can meet I will come to u (another city) and then whem I called him to ask where has he reached he said I couldn't leave bc of some work.. n aftr that wen I texted him to ask if he is ok and to tell me what is the prblm he ignored... I want to know whether he is ok. But on the same side I m unabl to get courage as I hav felt ignored many times.. this was the reason that I didn't contact him much post break up...

    2nd july (him)

    2nd sept (me)

  • One psychic told me that we r soulmates.. n he will return to me...

    This is like mirror image rule.. if I m happy he will be.. if I m upset he will be..

    I don't know if this is true in my case...

    Are we really soulmates.. I don't know..

    I do feel that we have some connection... but does he feel the same..?

  • The relationship can work out for the long term - if certain issues are resolved. It is only by learning where you truly stand with each other that you can find success. Your ex is not sure what you feel for him either. Neither partner individually is likely to be able to guide the relationship to firm ground; you will have to investigate your ideas, feelings, beliefs and tastes in an organized way to learn what you share. This search is unlikely to be intellectual or even conscious; it will arise naturally through your shared experiences. Piece by piece, things can fall into place, and the relationship’s heart centre can unfold. Once a true communion is established, the two of you can taste success in many areas of your lives. Until then, though, you may drift uncertainly.

    Your love affair will tend to be unstable but romantic. There is often a face-off here between your ex's emotionality and your structure and logic. You may make demands that he can find hard to meet; you may also refuse to recognize the importance of feelings to him, and will be resented for it. The time needed to find common ground may be lacking here: a long-term commitment is unlikely unless the two of you are in a situation that forces you into regular contact, allowing the relationship to unfold. So you really need more time together and more tolerance of each other's very different approaches and attitudes in order to work this out.

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