The Captain , Tarot Nick or anyone can give me insight

  • I am recently doing well and started to reunite to my biological father and my stepmom is very supportive all things well about family matters though there are certain gap that we still need to fix. I am starting my life all over again but there are things keeps bothering me that I know a part of me was my own big mistake.I must admit that my past still bothered me I cant turn my back cos I wanted a closure which I know its hard cos I cant control anyone last month I was on the dark place knowing the fact that I was replace long ago and he wasn't able to fight for me instead choose his own security and welfare. I was over the line and being judgemental to him but I will not able to say a word when I know there is no evidence I was being rejected by his family and obviously can't fight for love. I was told that he disagree with nearly everything when I tried to contact to hear explanation he ignore. It upset me so much cos I was told that I am the scariest person in life and I hate the fact I was a dangerous person and he assumed that I am able too set him up and do some bad things on him. I had proven enough that and when he showed up he never hear any single words against him on my family and friends. But it just hard to composed myself cos he lied and never tell me the truth and when I figure it out own my own he felt invade and un secure.Thats the way he puts me at the dark place and being at rage cos it seems like I was chasing him, acting crazy , needy, clingy and desperate but his full of words lack of deeds and when I say something I was being manipulative and selfish. I dare him to change his number cos I am being affected when he ignored me , until one day he finally change all his contact number and I was block to all contact even all the people matters to him I couldn't view there social media account cos thats the way I found out his being dishonest I always wanted to see that no matter he will stand for me even at my worst unfortunately this man has history always leaving his past on depth can't put an end or talk civil. I was with him back then and his exgf keep chasing him I asked him to tell the truth that cos his only giving her false hope and when he came home and not able to see him again he started to communicate to his ex .and when his recent relationship was on the losing end he again come to me giving me a promised to leave her but the truth was he can't let go and its been two years and still going. I saddened me cos I was just a choice a second choice and what hurt me was I was the other woman living own my own dreamed and forgotten that I was in that situation. I cant believe it but been there than that. I am afraid cos I am not able to take anyone and wont able to trust another man .

  • Not everyone is the same, and just because you have been hurt in the past doesn't mean you always will be hurt in the future. If you can learn to make better choices in relationships by listening to your intuition and not just your emotions, you will be much happier. You also need to learn to be more independent and not depend so much on another person to love you and make you happy. You can do that for yourself.

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