• Want a perfect health and body. How to get it?

  • There is no perfection in this world, you can only do the best you can. When you remove all fear from your mind, your body will be well.

  • If there is anything specific that you are concerned then you could see md's and counsellors to help fix it. If in general, then a mix of removing worries as much as you can, eat well, think well and do well for you and those around you. All is easier said than done. Be good to you! X

  • Well, lately I've been feeling pretty off-balance and tired. Recent blood tests show nothing of concern, and this last week I have felt like sleeping continually and my head seems to want to spin off my neck! I'm also getting a bit scatty; like I can't remember things. I'm okay at work, but outside of it, I seem to go down like a house of cards, ie, my back goes, etc.

  • I think you are right!

  • in order to get perfect health and body you need to go in for sports. So I decided to buy bar weights set and start strength training at home. Such classes do not require specialized knowledge and are presented in a simple format; even a novice athlete will be able to master the technique of performing exercises with this projectile.

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