Future of Love in my Life

  • I am a 37 year old single woman. Can someone please give me a reading/reflection on the path my future may go down regarding falling in love? marriage? children? single?

    This is my info:

    Jennifer Ann McDonough


    Orange, NJ USA

    Born:10:05 am

    Any insight and guidance would help me in more why than you can imagine!



  • Essentially, what you really want is to receive love. Your need to experience the loving energy of others is nearly insatiable. To successfully bring this energy into your life, you need to first give love by cheering people up - you know how to use the limelight to make others happy. By exercising your creativity to contribute to the happiness of others, you create an 'audience' or a peer group that will support you, accept you, and love you. The best barometer for being 'on track' is the applause and approval of others. In the process of giving happiness - as long as you stay in alignment with your own humanitarian ideals - you gain the reward of knowing you are an important participant in the stream of life.

    However, your standards may be so high that it can be hard for you to settle on someone and also make it difficult for an ordinary human being to live up to your ideals; either you’re judging everyone else by these standards or you’re setting an almost impossible example as you strive to be the ‘perfect’ person. You may have trouble knowing or expressing how you really feel because you have learned to focus on the ‘best way’ to feel and then wear that mask. You need to tune into your authentic feelings and needs. You can have trouble with long-term relationships or making commitments, especially when you are focusing on trying to find the ‘perfect’ relationship. Or you may start out by projecting an idealized image onto someone and then feel disappointed or even deceived when that person turns out to be only human after all. Then you set out to improve that person whether they are interested or not. In relationships, you will benefit from being more flexible – this doesn’t imply passive tolerance for what you don’t like, nor does it mean ignoring your (or other people’s) flaws or allowing yourself to be victimized. The sort of flexibility you need to have healthy relationships requires an alert and expansive state of awareness, not just going with the flow but embracing and making constructive use of it. It involves a pragmatic acceptance of, rather than rigid resistance toward, the present moment – acceptance of yourself, other people and current circumstances. Then your relationships will reflect back to you the abundance you feel inside.

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