Second opinion on love reading...

  • I'm extremely new to tarot and my very first spread was a celtic cross spread relating to my love life. I'm still learning the meanings of all the cards and how to intuitively read them and I was hoping that a couple people could take a look and give me some second opinions on the spread. Thank you so much! ❤

    Present position: 6 of cups

    Immediate influence: 8 of pentacles

    Goal or destiny: The Star

    Distant past: 3 of wands

    Recent past events: The Hermit

    Future Influence: The Lovers

    The questioner: 4 of pentacles reversed

    Environmental factors: King of pentacles

    Inner emotions: The Magician reversed

    Final result: The Sun

  • What deck did you use? The Deck's images can add further insight to the overall feel of the reading ... a quick look - 6 of cups talks about finding your emotional gift within self, emotional harmony, things may not seem as they are...

    8 of pentacles talks about skill for profit.... so is it a benefit to use your abilities in a certain way

    The star is about dreams, shining inner light , Seeing the light out of the darkness...

    3 of Wands- leaving the past behind or are you still bringing it into the now?

    The Hermit- reflections, knowledge gained?

    The Lovers, finding passion, union, balance, polarity on a some level ...

    4 of Pentacles RX- What have you not held onto that was of value?

    KIng of Pentacles- stay grounded, be practical be in the now re health, wealth, riches

    The Magician RX- What have you seen that does not feel comfortable....

    The Sun- Freedom Divine Timing Bare essence of who you are...

    This is only a quick overview, without knowing which deck you used it only serves as a general reading overview.... but hope it helps on some level

  • thank you so much for shedding a little bit more light! i used the rider waite deck!

  • Pleased it helped on some level

    Ok that makes sense ... we could look at each card in a bit more depth if you want . I can go through some of the symbols with you and what they mean ... when you look at each card is thee one thing that truly stands out, draws you in ?

    Ok Looked at the cards as an overview ....

    NO swords- normally means that there be may a lack of thought, a lack of plans or ideas in this ....relationship..

    When I look at the cards I see more involved with the numbers, elements etc....and how it flows but I can take you slowly through each card to begin with if you want to get more clarity ....

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