Moon square Venus

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  • This is from Cafe Astrology dot com:

    Moon square or opposition Venus

    Because these people value harmony, they may find themselves giving in to others too easily, especially in the first half of life. Resentment is possible, as they feel that they are the ones who seem to do all the acquiescing. There can be a distinct tendency to become friends (and lovers) with people too readily, simply because there is a strong need for approval and a hunger for receiving affection. As such, these people may get involved with people who seem to really like them, and they don’t consider whether they actually like them back! It’s somewhat of a weakness, as these people are very charmed by the idea that someone seems to really like them and appreciate them. Generally, one of life’s lessons for these people is to learn to discriminate more and to get in touch with what they truly want and need.

    The functions of the Moon (which rules the emotions and feelings, amongst other things) and the functions of Venus (which rules social relationships, harmony, and partnership, amongst other things) are at cross-purposes. When these people attempt to feed the needs of one function, it is often at the expense of the other, until they find some sort of balance. This can play out in a variety of ways. For example, there can be conflicts in partnerships about parenting or whether or not to have a family. They can find themselves compromising their own emotional needs in order to find and keep love. Peace and harmony are important to these people–perhaps too much so, as they can easily be taken advantage of. Insecurity is something that these people need to deal with at some point in their lives.

    Very sensual, people with Moon in hard aspect to Venus sometimes replace love with food or shopping! They are also usually quite sexually active and sometimes quite lustful. They are usually skilled in the arts. There is a distinct lazy streak. Most are able to work hard, but they truly appreciate luxuriating and enjoying as many pleasures as possible, and self-discipline simply isn’t always at their disposal!

  • This post is deleted!

  • You're welcome. I think that sometimes we just need to let go of all the things we use as a crutch in order to hang on to something. Even though we know logically that someone is wrong for us, we emotionally are not there yet so we subconsciously look for ways to do just the opposite. Just accept that regardless of his sun sign, moon sign or where Venus is in his chart, he just wasn't the right man for you. Trying to analyze why only delays the healing process of letting go.

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