Cheer up!

  • Looking at these topic titles is very sad. I'm so glad I finally am in a healthy relationship with someone who treats me nicely! I used to think I had to find a guy who was a certain sign, capricorn to be specific. I'm a taurus. Albeit, capricorns are great. The guy I'm with now is a Leo. I used to have such low self-esteem that I thought Leo's were off limits to little ole me. Turns out I AM good enough for this handsome alpha male who once seemed untouchable.

    So cheer up! There is light at the end of the tunnel, and there are lots of other surprises too.

  • Good Post!! I am also a taurus, but with an aquarius. At first - YIKES! regarding the different ways we view things but hey, after 22 yrs. I know we each offer what the other lacks. However, I do believe people can make their lives easier if they study astrology BEFORE they fall in love with someone because for our combo it was NOT easy. Once I really studied what we were up against all is good. Good luck everyone!

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