Couch surfing

  • Can anyone tell me how much longer my husband and I will be couch surfing at two different house? Will we find s place soon to rent or buy? This has been going on for almost two years and I am tired of it and I think the family is getting tired of us. Can you let me know, please? God Bless and thank you.

  • You will find a place of your own almost straight away once you start focusing on abundance rather than on what you lack. Stop expecting the bad to happen. Only positive thinking will achieve what you want. Focus on what is good about your life and that energy will attract good luck. Make sure everyone concerned does this, too. Raise your energy and you raise your chances of success. Try a group positivity circle.

  • Thank you captain.

    We have been trying to work on this area, hard when so much has been bad but we realized and are trying to change our thoughts and speech.

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