I Need Some Help And Insight Please

  • Okay so this may seem childish and odd, but it's something that has been bothering me for a while. I'm nervous to bring this up with the person for fear of upsetting her when I just want to express how I feel respectfully.

    So here's the thing...We've been really close friends since high school, and we're cousins, and I know she does care about me...but why does she ignore me on Facebook or if I text her? I see her responding to other people's posts, and she never comments or likes any of mine.

    She does sometimes need space to herself when dealing with depression, and I do respect that. And she usually lets me know if she needs space if I ask if I should let her be for a while. Sometimes I see her talking to other people besides me then, too.

    Recently she's been through a really bad low time of depression and got help, but since then she seems a bit distant. She also started a new relationship with a boyfriend. So she may just be busy and I'm just over thinking this... but the main thing is sometimes the way she does things as I mentioned earlier, makes me feel like I don't exist. I just want to know why this happens.

  • Yes, you are over thinking this. She is depressed and cannot be expected to behave normally. She feels you are putting heavy expectations on her that she cannot handle at the moment. Just let her know you are there for her if she needs you and then back off.

  • I normally do that.

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