TarotNick.. can you help me with my situation

  • what energy you pick up for my ex feelings towards me and our relationship? does he still have feelings.

    is a reconcilation possible

    what do you think is in store for me in near future

  • Tarot Nick can you please help me on this

  • MeeraShe,

    I will do a reading on your feelings, your choices are your free will.

    There is stuff going on around you, you need to be quiet as in listening and make small movements.

    You are not happy with yourself, you don't know what lies ahead and that scares you.

    As the stuff hits the fan, you are feeling small, doubting yourself.

    Someone is trying to help you, a leader type of person, wise, older

    very tough time for emotions...loss of control

    There will be a time of change, I feel less sadness, waiting for something new

    your not going to want to do anything...dull...but during that time you will find out something

    A family matter may need to pay attention too

    you will get what is needed money wise

    you will make good with what you need, you will make sure you are ok

    its not what you really want, and you are sad because of it.

    hope that helps,


  • Nick

    will times get better? and how are my relationships showing u?.

    what does the statement " you will make goof with what you need? do you mean in monetary way or relationships.

    you cannot tell me anything about my ex? I can provide name and DOB

  • MeeraShe,

    My readings are not about relationships, but what you are feeling.

    You will make good, means you will do what you need to for you...

    Try to put emotions aside and what you want to happen and look at the reading.

    Ask why you are not happy...is it because you are not with your Ex or is it deeper... Why are you not together... and then ask what did I like out of the experience and what went wrong...

    I don't need a name or DOB, the reading is for you...your choices are yours, what you accept and allow are the choices you make.


  • thank you Nick i am doing introspection. you do not pick on other peoples feelings? just the person asking

  • MeeraShe,

    The reading is for the person, my feeling is if I read for let's say your ex. it would be violating his feelings, for you and then you would still not know for sure because the reading would be geared for him to understand. He could be thinking of someone else and you would be thinking it was for you. I don't do it though because I feel it would be violating the person and that would be a misuse of my gift. I enjoy helping people or trying too.


  • ok understand- some tarot readers do readings on how the person feels and now I really question if those are accurate because of the reasons mentioned below

    when do you think things will look better for me- I am already lot resiliant than before and do not get carried away with emotions- right now all those people that are causing any sort of negativity in my life and the relationship is not mutual , I am ending. I need true caring people in my life. I am tired really emotionally- in the end it leaves me with very few people in my life- but atleast they are good positive people that really care for me.

    you are sensing lot is going on around me - do you mean gossip etc?

    thanks Nick for your time


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