An insight to what are his intensions

  • There is this man.. he has a girlfriend (long distance) but comes n meet me and hold my hand for long.. I could not say anything even though I don't like him holding my hand.. how should I tell him not to do that without hurting him or being rude..

    I don't know what are his intensions..

    14th april is his DOB. If it helps..


  • This man is quite vulnerable underneath. He wants someone who can cherish and protect him, like a mother. He is a sensitive soul at heart and it may take a while for him to be able to trust another person in a relationship; but once he do, he can be a spontaneous and fun-loving partner. But there can be strain in the relationship as he likes to mix his home life with his working life and you like to keep them separate. Still, things can go well between you two, especially if the structure you set up in your living situation relieves this man of responsibilities he would rather leave to a more orderly person like you anyway.

    But if you really don't like his behaviour - especially the cheating on his girlfriend part - you should be firm but polite. If you don't impose standards, he will think you like it the way it is.

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