Could I please get a reading in regards to my relationship/love situation

  • Could someone please give me a reading about what my future will hold in regards to my relationship with my ex Capricorn boyfriend.. is there hope for a committed relationship with each other again?

    Thank you so very much!

    Ps I am a TRIPPLE Gemini

  • What are the exact birth dates here?

  • My birthday is June 3rd, 1981

    His birthday is January 5th, 1984

  • This relationship’s energy lies in rejuvenation and healing. It may have a reviving effect on you both, after either person has been wounded in a relationship elsewhere, or when you are trying to cope with a crisis in your relationship with each other. But while there is a great capacity here for healing wounds both old and new, there is also an inherent instability, since each person’s approach to life is very different. This makes the relationship’s final outcome uncertain; in some cases the two of you will come together just to heal, and then move on. Still, this matchup will promote longevity and growth so long as each person is willing to devote time and energy to it, and to let its inherent healing capacity be expressed. If one of you is depressed, perhaps mourning the loss of a former relationship or love, the other person is likely to prove a tremendous comfort in helping you or him to cope. It is important not to expect too much in such situations, however, and to be patient. You Snow-Rabbit, impatient by nature, are less likely to play the supportive role here. Should your love affair itself fail, it would not be unusual for the two of you to try again with each other after your emotions have cooled down and understanding and acceptance have begun to emerge. Encouraging a slow but steady healing, and refusing to let the flames of passion ignite too quickly, may lead to a successful reconciliation. Should you decide to put the relationship to rest, the healing capacity here can help you to move on. There may still be a chance, however. On the other hand, you must recognize when something has outlived its usefulness and learn to let go of the attachment. Only you can say which is which by looking deep inside you and following your gut instincts.

  • Wow that was a incredible have gave me so much hope. He came over today and I really could feel the strong connection that we still share between us. He said something that I don't know how I should take it and would like to know if he was talking about me or someone else...i told him that It might be better if we stop seeing each other for a while and he seemed pretty upset about it..later on he made a comment saying how bad it hurts to fall for someone that doesnt have anymore interest in him..could you please tell me if he was referring to me? Thanks so so much!!

  • Yes he was referring to you. But he may later deny it to save his pride in case you don't return his feelings. The fact you didn't ask him any further about it sent him the message you didn't feel the same way.

  • Wow...could you please give me your advice on how I should proceed from here? I truly feel we are soulmates and have many more lessons to teach one another...

    I can't thank you enough for all your help! Sending lots of love and light to you!

  • You have to be honest about your feelings to this guy.

  • I will deffenetly do that!

    Thank you

  • Hi captain, I have not been able to take your advice and tell him how I truly feel because I haven't seen him for the last couple of weeks. Is it over? Should I take the hint and move or will I have a chance to tell him how I feel? Thank you Captain, have a wonderful day

  • Have you tried contacting him? I feel he is very involved with work at the moment. Don't give up too soon.

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