Confused about financial reading...hope someone can help!

  • I've been studying tarot for only a few months, so I'm very new to it (and to this forum!). I'm slowly soaking things in, but the reading I did today has me stumped. It was a three-card spread. I asked about our financial situation...will we have enough money in place to reach our goal of my husband retiring early in a few years?

    First card: Situation as it is now - Two of Swords

    Second card: Obstacles - Tower

    Third card: Advice - Three of Cups

    The Two of Swords I think I understand. It's a big decision that will affect our financial position for years to come. If he retires too early, we may run out of money. If he works for several more years, we forego the freedom of him being retired. That's the decision we're facing right now, and it's a tough one that's dependent on our financial position. I know the Two of Swords can also be about balance--spending vs. saving--but overspending has never been an issue for us.

    The Tower also seems to be clear. A catastrophic financial downturn. Seems very strange. I won't go into detail, but we're highly conservative with our investments, so in order for that to happen, the entire U.S. stock market would have to crash (not saying it couldn't--it's pretty volatile of late!). And we're insured to the hilt, so a health issue couldn't cost us everything we have. My husband has zero chance of losing his job. I realize the Tower strikes from out of the blue, but I'm still kinda stumped. I'm not saying there might not be a catastrophe brewing out there somewhere, but intuitively it just seems wrong to me.

    Now, here's the part I really don't understand. The advice card is...the Three of Cups? Basically, don't worry, be happy? You can't do anything about the Titanic sinking, so pull up a deck chair and relax with a glass of wine? Is there some other interpretation I might be missing?

    I did pull another card as clarification for the Tower and got the Five of Wands. This card is all about conflict and therefore could relate to financial problems, but it doesn't really represent the kind of doom, gloom and destruction the Tower does.

    Is it possible that the obstacle card--the Tower--isn't a literal catastrophe but the fear of catastrophe? Hence the Three of Cups saying, "No worries?" As I said, I'm really new at this, so naturally I need the insight of people like you who know far more than I do. Feel free to tell me if I'm missing something. Thanks SO much for any help you can give me!

  • HI Sorry taken me so long to reply finally got back on to the site ...

    ok these three cards are quite interesting together for a financial spread...

    Here are some other thoughts to think about

    Two of Swords- can be at a crossroads, blinded by something, not seeing the clearer picture ... Unknown (moon) fears, worries ...

    Tower can be about crumbling wall to bring enlightenment... a sense of surrendering to the leap of faith knowing everything will be ok in the end.... you will stand on solid ground of reality

    Three of Cups. yes talks about celebrating, no worries but it also speaks of expansion and growth in your dreams, goals, in your emotional needs... so n a sense if you have complete faith there will be growth overall....

    Hope this helps and give yu some ideas to what the cards could mean for you...

    Take care


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