May I have a reading about a man, please?

  • May I have a reading please? I would like to know if there are any romantic possibilities with a man I have recently met. He has been separated for 2 years and has a young child. We have a lot in common and conversation was easy and felt good. He seemed very interested and asked me out on a date via text. I accepted, but haven't heard from him since accepting (a week ago). Is there anything I should know? Thank you.

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  • The nature of his last message makes me 98% sure that it’s a technological glitch (on a dating app. I read that sometimes messages don’t get delivered). I also knew this man in “real life” years ago and it would be out of character to just ignore someone, but the 2% of doubt is enough to stop me from sending another message. (I already replied to his invitation and also sent a brief follow-up message when I didn’t hear from him. I don’t want to appear like a crazy stalker).

    This is the end part of his last message, which was quite long: “It would be great to continue this conversation face to face! I’m curious about your yoga practice as well. Would you like to meet for a coffee or a glass of wine some time soon?”

    Please help! I don’t know what to do. If I'm right, he may think I've rejected him.

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