Scorpio ex

  • Hey. I really need some advice. My scorpion ex is telling me he needs to focus on himself and can't be in a relationship right now. However he replies to my texts but never initiates them except once recently when he had been out drinking and I think he wanted tomeet up. He isn't a one night stand kind of guy either so don't think it was just a booty call. I get the impression he misses me but is staying away to get over me

    Trying to not imitate contact now but worried he will grow even further away. Any advice?

  • I hope you had the courage to contact your ex. Scorpios are so naughty but nice. We got together broke up . Years passed we got together then broke up. 3 years passed then I get a call from him asking me out. Not his notmal upbeat self which triggered a fight between my emotions and head. Neather won as he ended the call and I did not have the courage to call back and tell him I would go for the drink.
    Please do not be me. Ring.

  • Scorpios find it hard to let go of anyone so your ex probably does think of you often. Did you ever do anything to shatter his trust or make him suspicious of you?

  • I have a question. When Scorpion break up with you and cut all communications do they ever change their mind.