Recommended tarot sets?

  • Hi Guys,

    I'm interested in being able to read tarot cards and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations as to the best set? I was looking for a deck and book together.

    I found the following on amazon:

    I would greatly appreciate any opinions, thanks!

  • Rider waite is the deck I think most of us generally use to cut our teeth on. The most important thing is that its a 78 card deck with 22 major arcana. I started with my waite and have purchased many many decks sense but my original wont let me go. Good Luck. as far as the books go youll probably want to start with the simplest at first then as you get more involved with the tarot advance to more in depth reading.

  • The deck I am using now is the World Spirit Tarot. It is not my first deck but one of them. It is based off the Rider Waite and Thoth, but very original at the same time. I love it. KarmaComa is right, Rider Waite is the most popular.But if you want to really browse and find a style you like, I would suggest They have so many and you can search by category or type. You can also get reviews for all of them. The mystic dreamer's look nice so you can probably find a review on them or cards that are similar that you even like more. They have a webboard too, I like it and a lot of people discuss all kinds of decks on there. I also agree with KarmaComa that as long as it has 78 cards, you should be good. Many people give the advice that you should go for one that draws or calls you, it is almost like your deck will pick you. So browse and read and you will surprised how one deck might just start to scream your name (almost literally) lol.

  • aeclectic is great! it'll give ya the wants big time!

  • you're right lol! I'm like oooh, look at all the pretty cards. But then I have to remind myself I can't go overboard hehe.

  • I am going out on the limb a bit about how I pick my decks..I say this only because as I explained earlier tarot is not my main..

    I pick mine based on the positive energy vibration I get from them. I look at the pics as well .if your not drawn to the pics the deck is going to be a drag for you to work with.Pictures in many decks come with symbolism's that help me connect.When I use the cards I need to not only be able to read them in the normal ways but I also like to be able to hit a visual connection that can add depth to my readings.I have about 30 decks,, many are rider/waite based,, however it is the odder ones that I seem to connect with,, especially if I am reading for my self,,

    Since I also work as a fantasy artist at times I prefer the cards that bring me into that realm.. Art work tends to add a grounding affect for me personally.I also do not use just one deck for readings.I tend to run several up to 7 pending on what decks give off the energy I am seeking for the reading.I also tend to incorporate one odd card,lately its been a deck of angel cards(very not my norm)I prefer dark deep cards..These are a one card draw that I leave until the end of my readings..If I am reading for others I have them look at the decks and pick what they relate too, For me that brings their individual energy into play,,I know that it is not the norm,, but LOl, I do my own thing

    All this said what I suggest is not to order your first deck online,, research them out online then go to a local store and see if they happen to have a deck or display where you can look at the cards in more depth,, perhaps read a few of the beginning tarot books at the local book stores,,Most of all really know that what ever cards you decide to start with they need to be ones you can feel ,see, and enjoy.They need a common thread whether it is the artwork or perhaps you would prefer the meanings to be more in the lines that you may connect with in a spiritual way..One of my favorites is a very playful deck my son bought me because we used to watch Labyrinth together and we loved giggling at Brian Frouds work,, The meanings are more lighthearted and enjoyable yet tie into readings very well for me.

    My dil loves her goth and vampire cards,, When I have done readings with love for some reason I grab my naughty cards which I have 3 x rated decks..For the fun of it I also have a deck with the meanings written on them so others can do their own readings if they wish..

    Just find what you enjoy,, sure rider/waite is the standard and the recommended starters but if your not comfortable with them your not going to be shuffling them and playing with them getting the feel and enjoying them.I have one deck of them I do not care fore at all because it is the most uncreative deck I own,, They do not feel good, they do not spark my thought, they do not encourage me to pick them up,, Follow that intuition that your hoping to encourage and develop.. What better then using it to pick your first deck of cards??



  • Thank you for all of your replies, they're appreciated!

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