• if anyone is willing to tap into my energy and see if someone has performed black magic on me i would greatly appreciate it . thank you

  • Somebody tried but the protection you have around you repelled it. You sensed it though.

  • thanks! i did feel it and had a few little things happened that alerted me to it . thank GOD it's over i had to send love to the person he did it

  • "who"* not "he"

  • Soulconfussion, I am curious what exactly did you feel?

    Also what alerted you?

  • standing tall sorry for taking so long to respond but let me say that it's not one specific thing or that things happen but more of a feeling that overcomes you,the mind is bombarded with feelings of fear, anger even hate but with not real reason or bases for it just seems maximized to the extreme BUT the thing is when these feeling overcomes you how do you deal with it .... if you're weak minded or have very little spiritual foundation you feed these energies and it grows ,you get depressed you make poor choices get into accidents , having brain fog and mishaps happen if you're very conscious you see it for what it is and counter attack by doing the right thing relaying on you spiritual believes and being positive keeping you energy high,PRAY, being conscious always the energy has nothing to feed on so it leaves you and another thing send love back to the person who intended you harm cause they really are misguided and you hating them keeps the energy engaged and alive ..... oh one more thing ..... if you thing its greater than you then it becomes THAT but if you belittle it, laugh and see that all it is ,is energy outside of you hoping to influence and convince you that you don't have a choice in the matter .

  • WOW. ..I see. I think that a woman at work years ago did this to me. My Exboyfriend fired me because of her.

  • BUMP BUMP.....put your shields up.....all poison arrows will return to sender!

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