Can some one please do a reading for me?

  • Would like to see if my husband will finally get the promotion he deserves and if we will be moving to a new house? Thanks to who ever feels generous with their time and grant me this request,

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  • Anyone available ??

  • SORRY ....I tried but not getting anything! Don't want you to think you are being ignored.Sometimes if your emotions are too strong with worry it gets in the way....or sometimes you are encouraged to be self-reliant, or sometimes you are asking the wrong question and there may be something more important to be focusing on. If I get anything I will post again. BLESSINGS!

  • If you want I'll pick up on your feelings and see what's up,


  • Blmoon, thanks for your insite. much appreciated.

    TarotNick, that would be awesome. Thank you.

  • Blmoon, realized that my emotions are high but my energy is extremely low

  • That can be the problem.....try and find some distracting joy. Keep worries out of your head. My strongest connections increase with the moon. I will check in again.

  • Blmoon, thanks I am trying. I have alot of activities planned for the next two weeks and that should keep me busy and less emotional. No time to think of worries. 🙂

  • I think your husband has fallen into that trap of being so good at what he does that employers want him to continue filling that need. He has a work ethic that can be taken for granted. This is conman and usually it requires someone like your husband to make changes in himself so he doesn't keep repeating this cycle. His challenge is projecting self worth and boundaries.I think there are more politics than fairness in his work environment and your husband keeps to himself and just wants to do his job. He really needs a different job but has lessons to master in realizing his self worth and how to advocate for himself in a healthy way. I don't see a house soon. November brings change into your lives and opportunity will be more available to you. For now you should relax more and not push to hard to make SOMETHING to happen. You are feeling restless and that can tempt you to seek happiness in change before you are ready. Things can come to you. You tend to be early more than are intuitive enough to sense change on the horizon but then fear you are going to miss something. You then wear yourself out and than changes your energy....many different energies latch onto like energies and spirit around the earth. These energies cross paths so if you reserve your energy or build extra energy you will leap into a higher vibration that opens you to new opportunities. If you push too hard...stress to much or lose boundaries with energy boundaries and drama you will start feeling rushed! Because your energy is not keeping up and when you cross paths with a lower energy you will join that spiril. Timing is what you want. Where energy meets opportunity.Keep in awareness until November how your energy is doing. Know what drains you and be diligent about recharging and avoiding leaking energy. blessings!

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  • living dream

    your reading is on last page and sorry for the typos

    my keyboard is going bad.

  • Livingadream,

    I just saw you replied, so a little late but hope it helps.

    sadness and doubt

    a battle or fight, you need to be strong...that will help

    you have put something on hold, look at the reason why and figure out what you need to do, trust yourself

    A new idea or something that you haven't tried yet may sound interesting...check into it...there is a smile in there somewhere

    money is tight, watch what you spend

    watch the emotions, they are up and down...look for steady

    set yourself up for some mental toughness, bumps in the road coming

    You can't just throw up your dreams and ideas waiting for one to land, find a way to focus and plan

    something about a guy, a bit of a dreamer... I don't get a hot or cold feeling just that he is there, the reading shifted so nothing to tie him too

    money will pop up but it doesn't last long

    you will be ok, a feeling of calmness settles over you

    Hope that helps,


  • Blmoon, you are absolutely on target when it comes to my husband's work situation. Yes, politics is exactly the problem at his job. Also, your description of him is correct. He is needed in that position to fill a need. When he takes a vacation (rare) they are all relieved when he gets back and ask him not to take any more vacation. Thank you! I will slow down and wait.

  • Nick thank you for the reading. This weekend there was a big fight, my teenage son seems to be going into depression. He doesnt listen, just explodes. His friends are distancing themselves from him and that is causing more depression. He has too much time on his hands to dwell on his negativity. I do have dreams and different ideas but with all the problems at work and with my son, its hard to concentrate on those ideas. Thank you for letting me know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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