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  • BUMP - who wants a celtic cross reading?

  • Ok, I'm in!

  • A general reading about the months ahead. I'm just quietly waiting for something to change or to happen in my life. πŸ™‚

  • OK! Will post your reading tomorrow morning πŸ™‚

  • Thank you Watergirl18!

  • Sorry Alenabrz - I forgot about you yesterday! Here is your reading...

    So much in your spread was about being still, listening for the guidance that is coming through your intuition and noticing the signs being sent to you. A new beginning of some sort is coming - is at the forefront of your concerns. Yet, patience, waiting, quieting the mind are what's at hand for you for the time being.

    Also, your sensitivities may be affecting your energy. Start doing some daily energy work - cleansing meditations or rituals.

    Your thoughts are getting in the way. There may be some negative programming that is keeping you from moving forward. While you are in this transition mode of waiting and being patient, work on keeping your thoughts positive and focus on the good, what you want, instead of anything negative that may be going on around you.

    The number 2 was very prominent in your spread. So some sort of relationship or partnership is highlighted, but strangely I do not feel like it’s romantic. Business is coming through.

    Archangel Michael also came through - he is here to give you courage and personal power/strength. Call on him! You can also call on him when you are clearing your energy - ask him to clear you of any negative energy, cut cords and protect you.

    Is there someone at your place of work that is causing problems for you? I ask because it came through, but that could have been my residual energy πŸ™‚

  • Hi Watergirl18! Many thanks for the reading!

    Sometimes I ask myself how long this waiting will go on. I like it, but you know, it is hard to keep still ... lol

    I will try to be more positive and ask Archangel Michael to protect me.

    I can't think about anyone causing me problems, I work at home and live with my husband....