• Submit your question and i will post response. Card positions are:

    1. issues from the past, lessons learned or not yet learned, that are affecting the present moment.

    2. the present situation

    3. the near future, how the situation will unfold next

    4. you and your perspective

    5. your blind spot, what you cannot see that you need to know

    6. advice, best course of action

    7. outcome

  • Can I get a general reading?

  • YES MA'AM!

  • Did you notice they posted your reply before my initial message? HAHA! Will do this tonight....

  • Hi Captain,

    Your spread was interesting. It seems as though there is an issue with or a threat to some material gain - something that was worked hard for like savings in the bank, a home, etc. You have an attitude of defeat over it as if there is nothing you can do. But you are being told that you need to listen to your intuition and inner wisdom. There is a relationship involved here. There is distance between you and the love needs to be rekindled. An olive branch, perhaps? You are being encouraged to have confidence and not hold back, but step forward with the strength of the angels behind you.

    I have to say that this sounds like the situation with your sister!

    Your cards:

    1. issues from the past that are affecting the present moment - MATERIAL GAIN

    2. The present situation - FINANCIAL AND MATERIAL CHANGES (clarified by DISRUPTION which is The Tower card)

    3. How the situation will unfold next - RECOGNITION & REWARD (clarified by HEARTACHE & LOSS)

    4. You and your perspective - CONFLICT & DEFEAT

    5. Your blind spot - CROWN CHAKRA (clarified by INTUITION)

    6. Advice - LOVE BEGINS (clarified by SOLITUDE) *the first card is the Ace of Cups which can point to the rekindling of a relationship - the clarifier suggests there is distance between you, emotionally.

    7. Outcome - SACRAL CHAKRA (another relationship indicator)

  • No, I think that applies to me! Thanks Watergirl.

  • That is odd about my post jumping to the top, as this happened to me on another forum too.

  • Hey, could I have a reading too please? Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Oh hey, thanks! I just re-read your thread topic and thought maybe you were only doing a reading for the first and only person who responded lol. I'll look forward to it then 🙂

  • Glad it resonated for you.

    The thing with the post jumping ahead of mine - that happened quite a few times yesterday. The time stamps on posts are all over the place, like the system clock is messed up. Interesting that it happened to you on another forum as well!

  • Hi Moon-Pie! Yes, I will do one for you tomorrow 🙂

  • Hi Moon-Pie!

    Your spread was interesting also. It shows that moving is very prominent on your mind right now and new beginnings - you have four “1” cards plus the equivalent to the Fool which is the “0”. There will be some challenges upon your move - money/security issues possibly connected to finding work. But there is also several references to relationship both in your blind spot, but also in your advice and outcome. I must say however that for me, relationship is not just about love and romance. We have relationships with friends, family, etc. and our jobs represent relationships - with co-workers, bosses, etc.

    Your present situation is full of you taking charge of the situation and movement forward. The Chariot card speaks for itself. The 8 of Pents in this deck is actually “Positive Movement Forward” and shows someone in a sailboat headed toward the Sun. You were shown as the Fool and in this deck it’s called “New Beginnings.” It shows a woman walking out a door and her first step is onto the globe of the earth (as seen from space). Plus there were all those “1” cards. Magician, Base Chakra, Ace of Cups, plus the bottom of the deck was the Ace of Wands (entitled “Passion Ignited” in this deck).

    But your immediate future shows some challenging cards. The Base Chakra is where our safety/security lies and coupled with the Devil it feels like money may be an issue and/or fears of the same will be at the forefront.

    Your blind spot was interesting. Ace of Cups and the Lovers (called Harmony in this deck). It’s almost as if they are saying that you may be viewing this move with rose-colored glasses. Especially since your first advice card was about challenges and obstacles.

    It’s hard for me to say, but it looks like things will be somewhat rocky for you upon your move and it’s possible you may be moving again. Sorry. Hope I’m wrong about that! The 2nd move may just be connected to your job and not necessarily your actual home.

    There is also a weird combination for me of the Destiny (wheel of fortune) card with Spiritual Union (2 of cups) and then underneath the throat chakra and home/family card (4 of Wands). I pulled some oracle cards and the 1st one was "Beloved One" (Archangel Chamuel) which speaks of helping you with a spiritual soulmate connection. Chamuel helps us find things - he has shown up for me when looking for a job. The 2nd card was “Breathe" (Archangel Raphael) which talks about releasing old energy/patterns. Next came “Clairaudience.” The last two were “Blessing in Disguise” and “Entrepreneur”. So all of those together gave me a sense of you doing spiritual work out of your home.

    I hope this wasn’t too confusing!

    Your cards were:

    Issues from the Past, Lessons learned or not learned, that are affecting the present moment: 6th Chakra - third eye.

    Your Present Situation: Awareness (Major Arcana 1 - the Magician in traditional Tarot)

    Clarifiers: Positive Movement Forward (8 of Pents) and Triumph (Major Arcana 7 - The Chariot)

    The Near Future/How the Situation Will Unfold Next: 1st Chakra - Base.

    Clarifier: Temptation (Major Arcana 15 - The Devil)

    You and Your Perspective: New Beginnings (Major Arcana 0 - The Fool)

    Your Blind Spot: Love Begins (Ace of Cups)

    Clarifier: Harmony (Major Arcana 6 - The Lovers)

    Advice: Obstacles & Challenges (5 of Wands)

    Clarifiers: Destiny (Major Arcana 10 - Wheel of Fortune) and Spiritual Union (2 of Cups)

    Outcome/Where this is Headed: Movement, Choices, Decisions (2 of Pents)

    Clarifiers: 5th Chakra - Throat and Foundation & Achievements (4 of Wands)

  • Well, I'd love to say I didn't find this confusing, but I can't lol! In saying that though, where you mention obstacles and difficulty finding work, financial security, etc., that did make sense to me. I have to say that I've spent the better part of the last twelve months feeling very insecure where money is concerned, and that insecurity - plus my job situation and my partner's - was what drove us out of where we'd moved to last year. I'm wondering if your reading is more focused on what has happened in the last twelve months, rather than where I'm at now? Still, I had asked about the possibility of casual work at my old job, and there seems to be some obstacles there.

    When I think about it, I don't know that I'm meant to keep working in the health arena really. I have been running out of puff with looking after people, as such. I also suspect that there are some issues with some of my old co-workers that may be preventing me from going back to my old job. On that, it's a workplace (like many others) that suffers from a lot of big ego's constantly clashing, with a few who have constantly ripped the system off and got away with it for years and they still work there. I get the feeling that for some reason, I pose a threat to some of them and their opinion may be stopping me from working there. I feel that eventually I'll see this as a blessing in disguise because I can't stand people who are dishonest, don't do their jobs, steal and cause drama and sadly, the domestic area there is staffed by a few who are like that. One guy was overheard to say (about me) "if that b*tch comes back here, I'm leaving", and he's one who's already had two warnings about his behaviour and if he gets another one, he's out on his ear. Interesting huh? I laughed when I heard that because I had many arguments with him, and even though I'm not a "dobber" I got sick of seeing him sitting around doing nothing, and went and saw the boss about it. Why was he getting paid for sitting around while we were working our a**es off? Nothing got done about that either.

    As for everything else, I feel I'd done the move last year with rose coloured glasses on in truth. I don't regret doing it, but it seems like that move did nothing but drain our money. In coming back here, my partner can find cash work pretty easy here, whereas he couldn't where we moved from. As for me, I don't know which area to focus my attention on for work, but am putting out feelers to do basic house cleaning and end of lease/deceased estate cleaning for one of the real estate agents in town. I will approach the other one, but don't like the guy who owns it; he's a shiester and not someone I'd want to work for, but ... beggars can't be choosers!

    Relationships ... hmm, I don't know that that applies to my partner and I, but I think you may be right where you mention friends and co-workers. I feel that coming back here will show me who my real friends are.

    All in all, I don't think I was really meant to leave here in the first place, but in saying that, I think I was meant to leave both the job I was in, and the house I'd been in for so long. I don't miss the place at all. But I could never get over the homesickness missing the TOWN itself. It's home to me.

    These things I've pulled from your reading as validation, although as I said above, maybe relating more to the last twelve months ... I don't know really!

    I have discovered one very important thing though: I don't fare well dealing with too much financial insecurity. I've felt insecure in that area keenly for probably the last 8 years ...

    Thanks so much for this! Some makes great sense, while I'm a bit confused about other parts of it.

    I hope my mini-novel - which I apologise for - may clear some of that confusion up, but maybe it's added to it lol 🙂

  • I'm so sorry Moon-Pie. I have not been in a good space this week and this afternoon I was pressed for time and felt really scattered after doing yours and Sunshine's reading. Just disregard and I will try again later when I am in a better space 😞 Again, so sorry!!!

  • Hey it's all good, don't worry so much! Sometimes readings ARE confusing because there's so much stuff coming in from different angles. And often - I've done it many times before - a reading may pick up what was, rather than what is or what hasn't happened yet. At other times, you may pick up on the scattiness of who you're reading for, and in my case, I'm a bloody jigsaw puzzle all over the floor at the moment!

    That's not to say your reading isn't right on the money though. I only wondered because, boy, this last twelve month phase has been so insecure and challenging with work and money. I expected that to be an issue here to start with too, for a while at least anyway, so the rose coloured glasses are off at last 🙂 As for my old job, well, sometimes the higher ups put obstacles in a person's way because something isn't meant to be, or it's to test how much that person wants whatever it is. I know I only want my old job back for the money and familiarity, but ... maybe I'm meant to do other things after all. I know that deep down, I do have a need to be my own boss because I'm tired of dealing with bureaucratic carry on and stuff ups.

    One other, very important, thing I didn't mention to you, was where you saw me doing spiritual work out of my house. I think this may be on the cards for me, because this house lends itself to it and I immediately thought of that when I first saw it. It has so many great spaces, both small and larger, that I could set a reading room up in. Plus the total serenity and peacefulness here is a big plus. I used to do readings in this town years ago, but work, my marriage breakdown and other things took me away from that. I can feel it creeping back in though, slowly, but surely 🙂

    So don't think you're wrong and don't apologise! I truly appreciate what you've got for me so far, so stop doubting yourself and keep at it 🙂

  • Hey Moon-Pie - thinking of you. How are you doing in your new home? I am moving in a few days and although I know it's the right path to take, I still have mixed feelings about it now as I had to give my kitty away and will be leaving my pup behind with my sister for a while. I hope things have turned out well and everything is falling into place for you.

  • Hi watergirl, that's sad that you had to give your cat away and rehome your dog. That'd make for mixed feelings about a move, and I hope things have settled down for you since.

    For me, some things are falling into place, but job wise, I'm not having the best of times. Because I'm taking welfare payments at the moment, I've had difficulties with my employment provider who insisted on me doing 15 hours of voluntary work in a town which works out to be 65 kilometres away from where I live. Who's going to fund the petrol for me to get there and back three days a week? I've now been transferred to a provider in my home town and asked why on earth was I referred to one so far away in the first place? I feel like I'm being treated like a lazy 20 year old who doesn't want to work and it's really rankled!!

    I've got one iron in the fire, but so far have heard nothing back, although initial feedback was very positive. I've rung, emailed, and so far got no response as to what stage my application's at for this particular job, so I am feeling a bit frustrated to say the least.

    Add to that, that my partner insisted on getting another dog (a pup) who is constantly trashing the house, is very energetic and is driving me INSANE. I love animals, but this one is really pushing my buttons lately grrrrrr. He has some redeeming features though, but at my tender age, I have very little to no patience for a puppy!!!

    My partner is working, so there's a different dynamic to deal with. He's making great money, but is always tired in between work and is lucky to get more than one day off at a time, so things around here that I have no DIY knowledge of, are not getting done and we hardly spend any time together. This is a case of being grateful for the good things and riding with the things that aren't so good.

    So that's my news so far. Some great, some not so great. I still feel very unsettled, even though I expected hiccups with this move, unlike the last one where those rose coloured glasses were on firmly and slowly got removed as last year wore on ...

  • hi I would like to know where I stand with my ex? his feelings and if there is any hopes for reconcilation. what do I need to know about our relationship

    my name is Aarti

  • Hello Watergirl! I hope all is well! I would love a general reading for myself please and thanks!

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