Harrison's cave - an attraction in Barbados?

  • Hi,

    Harrison’s cave an attraction in Barbados? Has anyone visited this place? Can you provide the details? Also looking forward to some other beautiful places in Barbados. I'm planning to visit the place with my wife. We have arranged the accommodation in a resort in Barbados http://thecrane.com/accommodations/ . They also provide the restaurant facilities as well. If you have visited, Barbados, suggest some places which need to be visited. I just love traveling.

    How about the expenses in Barbados? Is it too expensive? Any idea?

    It would be highly appreciated if you can provide any travel destination guides.

    Waiting for your reply.

    Thanks in advance

  • This is a Tarot site, not a travel site. But you know that. You should also know that we are all wise women who know better than to fall for your pathetic story and click on your site. If you really wanted details on a potential travel destination you could google and find the answers you need. There are also travel guides like Frommers. Seriously, your story is lame. The only suggestion on travel I can give you is to get off our Forum and TAKE A HIKE.

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