Past-Present-Future Reading for 1st to Respond

  • I would love a reading as well Watergirl,! Please

  • watergirl.....I have read Einstein's theory on time as well as his relativity theory. The relativity theory I get but his time theory...boy does that stretch the mind!!! As he explains it....for a flash I can see it but in a flash it disappears and I have to reread it....and reread it. It's been years since I opened that book.....makes me want to try it again. Maybe I got smarter!

  • Sunshine,

    I am so sorry if my reading caused you distress. I did not feel when I was communicating the message that anything was scary, but it certainly must have come across that way. I read through your posts with Blmoon - you definitely need to get that crap out of your basement to send the mother-in-law on her way and cut ties with the sister- in-law as well. Blmoon is right - you have no responsibility or obligation to her.

    Normally I don't share the cards that I drew because the person getting the reading will normally try to interpret through their own lens of what they want to hear. For some reason, that day, I felt compelled to share the cards and try to explain how the message came through to me. The Death card is about transformation - one that is normally a long, drawn out process that requires the person to release the past (that's why it's long and drawn out - we all tend to resist change even when it's in our best interest). In this case there was a dual meaning - it was also about your mother-in-law not being among the living.

    Once again, truly sorry.

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