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  • I would...thank you!!!

  • Sunshine, I did a spread for you and instead of 1 card for each (past, present, future) I did 3 cards for each. I couldn't make heads or tails of it, LOL! I did two other readings first so I think I will take a break and start over again later ๐Ÿ™‚

    Will do the relationship reading on the other thread as well!

  • Wow!!! That's interesting, you have me wondering...

  • Haha! It wasn't bad, I just looked at all the cards and then....nothing! I thought I was just tired, but also afterward I had a nudge that I should do the Arc Spread for you like I did for the Captain. And then, for confirmation, I was watching something on Albert Einstein's life and he was commenting on the concept of time and how it doesn't exist - that "past" "present" and "future" have no difference. LOL.

  • I see. Thank you!

  • You're next Sunshine! Be back in a little while...

  • Hi Sunshine,

    Ummmm, are you a medium or do you help people cross over in some way? Your spread was strange again, but I did get a strong energy around communication, a relationship with a strong mother or family energy, and death/life review. Something about the home and needing to cut cords, release possessions. I did not get any heart chakra or grief cards so not sure this is someone who is/was close to you at all. Very strange.

    Your spread (I am listing the traditional tarot equivalent as in a few positions it helps to clear up the message):

    Issues from the Past Affecting the Present: Foundation & Achievements (4 of Wands)

    Current Situation: 5th Chakra - Throat

    Clarifier: 2nd Chakra -

    Near Future, How the Situation Will Unfold Next: Fertility (Major Arcana 3 - The Empress)

    Clarifier: 3rd Chakra Solar Plexus and Moving On (6 of Swords)

    You/Your Perspective: Universe (Major Arcana 21 - The World)

    Your Blind Spot: Rejoice in Celebration (3 of Cups)

    Clarifiers: Transformation (Major Arcana 13 - Death) and Rest & Rejuvenate (4 of Swords)

    Advice: Triumphant Success (Ace of Swords)

    Clarifier: Firm Foundation (4 of Pents)

    Outcome/Where this is Headed: Heartache & Loss (3 of Swords)

    Clarifiers: Spiritual Union (2 of Cups) and Suffering in Silence (9 of Swords)

    So many 3 cards!!! The number 3 arcana also showed up which is the Empress. This was the first indication of mother energy. Also, the Solar Plexus chakra which was next to the Empress - this chakra is normally about our sense of self worth, career, etc. but I was told once when I was helping my neighbor cross over that this is also the area where motherhood comes through as it is normally their sense of identity. Then there was the 3 of cups in your blind spot which is a card about family celebrations so the family connection again. Last, but not least, in this deck the Universe (World) card shows a womanโ€™s face poking through the cosmos. This also came through to me once when I was helping my neighbor cross over - it was his departed mother there to greet him.

    Next was the 6 of Swords clarifier next to the mother cards. It says moving on, but I also always get the feeling of crossing the river Styx when I see that boat crossing the waters. Then the actual death card came up in your blind spot next to the family card. Also with Death was the 4 of Swords which always looks to me like a body lying in a mausoleum.

    Your Advice was where it got interesting. The Ace of Swords really came through as the sword of Archangel Michael to me. A serious message to cut cords. When the 4 of Pentacles came next to it - this is a card about holding on tightly to possessions - this gave me another strong urge of the need to purge, cut cords, release something (but material possessions). I got a weird feeling and still not sure I completely got the message.

    The Outcome/where this is headed cards also gave me a weird feeling. The 3 of swords in this deck shows a woman in a dark room seemingly underground and it feels cold - like a basement. The 2 of cups and 9 of Swords with it gave me the impression again of a relationship and some sort of suffering.

    I asked if you were a medium because that Throat Chakra (communication) card and the Ace of Swords felt like this was not so much an emotional attachment for you as it was a task for you. And the Sacral Chakra next to the Throat Chakra was about both communication and a relationship.

    I pulled 3 Archangel cards for you as well just to help confirm/shed light and this is what I got:

    Archangel Jeremiel - Life Review

    Archangel Haniel - Moon Cycles

    Archangel Michael - Remember Who You Are

    These cards helped confirm for me that this is about someone recently crossed over or who needs to cross over that is a mother energy (the moon). We receive a Life Review when we first cross over. Archangel Michael came through as power and strength which was the energy I got from the Ace of Swords in your advice above. That sword also cuts cords!

    Hope this makes sense - I feel a little crazy ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Oh, and I think I forgot to mention that the 4 of Wands in the "Issues from the Past" is about home and family...

  • Watergirl. BlMoon and I have been discussing this. My mother in law died nearly two years ago

    Shes earthbound and shes harassing us both. Her daughter asked me to keep some of her mothers stuff and she is creating spiritial turmoil in the house. I think getting rid of her stuff is first priority and I already asked Archangel Michael to cut cords. The other stuff mystifies me. I don't think I am a medium, bit my son and I seem to attract stuff. I'm confused about the reading too.

    Thanks so much, and I hope the other one is better. I must be in some confounded mess here!!!

  • Ah! Well having your mother in law around would explain the reference to mediumship - mediums communicate with the dead :).

    That being said, please disregard my reading. I had an appointment to get to this afternoon and had limited time - wanted to get yours and Moon-Pie's readings done before I left. Moon-Pie's reading was confusing to me as well. On my way to my appointment I felt so scattered and immediately regretted doing the readings while in the state I was in. In short, I'm a mess!

  • Awww sorry watergirl. I'm patient. I didn't expect you to sttess yourself. You have to take cate of yourself first!

  • SUNSHINE....I totally get Watergirls reading for you! A lot of it centers around your MIL! And cutting cords. It is right on. Ask me specifically what you don't get and I will explain it to you. blessings!


    I'm pasting this here too so you know how right on your reading for Sunshine was!

  • SUNSHINE...I just reread watergirls is very good but since you have no experience with Tarot you got scared. Death cards in your case represent the changes going on. She sensed a medium ship for two reasons.....first is my energy and the fact that our original connection was one of medium-ship when I first communicated for Michael. Also, you do interact with Spirits and she picked that up....the MIL situation is a strong vibe. The fact that you know Alan...and you do sense them makes you capable of medium ship. For now it happens to you but you do not see yourself as a medium.. The creepy stuff she picked up is MIL. She is creepy and you did banish her to the basement by putting her STUFF there and using the rituals advised. BUT you have not gotten strong enough to put her stuff in the trash! . Watergirl is picking up on all that. Then there is Michael who is a very strong energy around you. Another medium vibe.... as you do practice communication with him so in that sense you are comfortable with Spirits. It's this recent experience of MIL that is forcing you to deal with negative encounters. It comes at a time when your journey demands you to stand up in a manly protective way for yourself in all aspects of life. The death card often predicts a big change and a letting go. A serious letting go! It also reveals a lie you may have hung on to. I interpret that as you are too nice to others who do you harm because you believe in compassion and peace.You do not hug a snake about to grab a shovel and kill it. But you are about to change that part of you that waits to be saved..(the waiting for a man...lie) That reading picks up on all the negative energy right now that's pushing you into warrior mode. You are cutting cords! This is a death and has nothing to do with anything poor thing! You are being attacked lately....a past that needs to go. Michael's sister is not your friend. You have no true responsibility to tolerate her. She is full of hate. Her unforgiving energy will come back to her. She is repeating MILS path. Watergirl picked up the death confusion about MIL being earthbound.....very good description of a body in a basement or stone coffin.....trapped between worlds. Also her stuff is in your basement. WHY? For a psychic the basement represents the lowest of enlightenment whatsoever! MILS energy exactly....she is an energy vampire and you must cut the cord and throw her stuff to the trash and block calls from her daughter. I read no future scary stuff for fact despite this time of reckoning and change you will come out the other side empowered but must cut cords and be ok with your anger. You eat your anger! Anger is not's actions that determine evil. Anger can build something beautiful....or just break a few ugly things and let it pass. Your health will improve and her reading suggests you are well supported by strong Angels. St Michael represents both your beloved Michael and the archangel close to you through this battle. All I can add is a possible visit with one of your parents. I know you have two mothers. If you have been considering that.... it's a positive. BLESSINGS!

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